Witches Across the World Are Casting a Mass Binding Spell on Donald Trump

Witches Across the World Are Casting a Mass Binding Spell on Donald Trump


Witches Worldwide Plan Spells Against Trump


In a worldwide movement by Witches and other practitioners of Magick, Paganism, Wicca, and other occultist and spiritual beliefs, magic users are gathering their power for a mass spell on Friday.  Various spiritual groups are casting aside their differences to cast a spell on American President Donald Trump.  Calls are being made across the globe for all believers in the supernatural arts to join together in an international incantation to bind President Trump from harm and harmful behaviors.


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Intended to Protect, Not to Harm


The witches’ spells are not intended to harm the President, but rather to protect him and all of the people in the world who are affected by his Presidential decisions.  The witches are gathering their strength to peacefully protest the policies of the Trump administration, seeing his actions as harmful against the physical and spiritual world.



You can read a practitioner’s full explanation of the ritual ceremony as well as an exact copy of the spell so that witches and magic users across the world can participate in the mass magical protest.  Many people are seeing this spell casting as a form of mass peaceful protest, and Trump dissenters from every religion are joining in the movement.  Some see it as just a lot of good fun and a way to make a statement against the President who they feel is enacting harmful policies.

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Some believers defended the witchcraft movement by saying the binding spell is akin to ‘putting a naughty toddler in spiritual time out’.  In addition to protecting Donald Trump, the spell also aims to prevent him from hurting others through his actions, such as his unpopular travel ban and Great Wall of Mexico.


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Witches Worldwide Casting Spell Against Trump


At the stroke of midnight… the witching hour, it will commence.  A mass spell cast by a gathering of witches convened from across the entire world with one purpose… to bind Donald Trump.  Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and forums worldwide the word was spread and caught on like wildfire.  Posters were created as a rallying cry.  A slew of twitter hashtags such as #bindhisass and #bindtrump



Twitter was abuzz at the news of witches massing to bind Donald Trump from doing evil to himself or to others.

You can view  the Moment below, which is a collection of the top tweets related to this event.



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What Do You Think?


What are your thoughts about a worldwide force of magic being used by witches to stop Donald Trump from doing harm? Share your thoughts on this situation in the comments below!

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