What First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump Wore to the Inaugural Ball

What First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump Wore to the Inaugural Ball

Here is our very first look at the fashion of the Inaugural Ball, the glittery first event attended by President Donald Trump and his First Lady Melania Trump, as well as the entire First Family, including daughter Ivanka Trump.   Melania Trump looked stunning in a white gown that merited it’s own article.   Ivanka dazzled in a glittering sequin princess gown that made us feel like we were watching a Royal Ball.



Ball gowns swirled elegantly as the ladies danced with the gentlemen at the white house.  It was a night of celebration for the Trump family, who won the American election in a surprising victory that has the world talking.



Ivanka also had the world talking when she walked out in this glittering head-to-toe princess gown that resembled something Cinderella might wear in a fairy tale ball.  It was appropriate then, for the woman who may become as close to a Princess as our democratic spirit will allow.



At least on the sartorial front, we can look to Melania Trump as First Lady, and Ivanka Trump as our princess in spirit when it comes to their beautiful fashion choices and elegant style.



Ears and necks glittered with jewels and faces shone with the finest luxury makeup products.   Immaculate from head to toe, the First Family turned out in stunning fashion for their Inauguration Night balls.



Our first peek shows that Melania Trump selected a white gown with a structured ruffle and red ribbon around the waist.  The style is classic and demur, it is elegant without being ostentatious.

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Ivanka Trump, the First Daughter, however, chose a gorgeous gown that is dripping with sparkling beading.  What Ivanka Trump wore was a stunning choice and is still the talk of the town weeks later.



First Daughter Ivanka Trump shone like a princess, and gave a little hint that in the next four years, on the fashion front at least, America will have a little bit of royal family sparkle in the White House.



The First Lady of the United States showed she had not just beauty, but substance as well, by co-designing her own ball gown.  The elegant white design is startling in it’s simplicity, but when you hear how detailed it actually is, you’ll be shocked!



Ivanka Trump, the First Daughter, may have been suggesting celebration with a sparkling gown that resembled bubbles rising in a flute of champagne, echoing the many toasts raised tonight in Washington, D.C. and the White House.



Now the question of the evening comes down to this… at the end of the night, who did you think was the Belle of the Ball?  Was it the First Lady Melania, or the First Daughter Ivanka?
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Which gown was your favorite, and what do you think of the fashionable First Family ladies Ivanka and Melania Trump?  Was their style the perfect icing on the Presidential cake, and how do they measure up to the Royal families of Europe?  Tell us in the comments below!

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