White Marble Kitchen Accessories to Match Your Counters and Slabs : Cute Chef’s Gift Guide

White Marble Kitchen Accessories to Match Your Counters and Slabs : Cute Chef’s Gift Guide

Elegant Kitchen Accessories In White Marble


Do you love the look of white marble?  Maybe you already have matching counter tops in your kitchen, or maybe you just love the chic look of the smooth white and silver veined stone.  Did you know that you can get that same look and feel in accessories, not just counters?  It’s true, and it’s wonderful… scroll through for some gorgeous chef’s tools and kitchen accessories to tempt you into adding elegant new touches to your own cooking area.


First among all things, I must recommend a butter crock! If you don’t have one, they make a world of difference! They keep your butter or vegan spread fresh much longer, and they hark back to an simpler time when our great-grandmothers bustled in an apron, churning fresh cream into butter by hand and storing it in a crock just like this one. Not to mention, they look adorable on the counter top.


Equally appealing is the herb and salt bowl, which of course would also be great as a set – because you can never have too many little bowls to hold bits of this and that. A swivel-top salt box is another useful item, it keeps two separate kinds of salt or spices neatly at your fingertips while cooking, and also keeps moisture out with the clever top.


With almost a hundred five-star reviews, this gorgeous white marble cutting board is not only pretty, but smart too. Save yourself the frustration of a worn-out old wood cutting board and upgrade to something functional and beautiful. Imagine this laid out on your counter! It even works great as a tray or decorative base for other areas of the home.

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Once again, I can’t imagine anyone having enough bowls, because I know I never do.   Here also is a dish for bar soap, but it works just as well as a shallow bowl or key-holder. Of course, no counter accessories list would be complete without a kitchen utensil holder like this simple but chic white marble number.


Constant kitchen companion, a spoon rest is essential for the chef or enthusiastic home cook.  Usually these spoon rests are an eyesore, but not so when you have a white marble version that matches your decorative theme.  Every kitchen needs a clock, so why not choose something beautiful that matches your interior decor? Put this up high and enjoy the look of marble on the wall too.  A pedestal cake holder in white marble with grey veining is an elegant choice for entertaining or displaying delicious baked goods.


Mortar and pestles are great for grinding up spices, sauces, and mixtures in the kitchen, and I love the look of white marble used like this.  You can also snag a set or two of matching coasters, and carrying the look over to your entertaining area as well.  Then you have a larger disc-shaped trivet, if you like the idea of a spoon rest but want something a little more versatile.  The eight inch marble slab could also be used for serving or display.


What set of kitchen tools and accessories would be complete without a matching rolling pin? This handled one from Sur La Table has sublime reviews and is sure to make you feel elegant while rolling your dough. Keeping wine cool while still looking stylish can be a challenge, but not with this white marble cooler designed to hold a bottle and keep it at the perfect temperature. And then we have another mortar and pestle, this one with a slightly rougher finish and lipped edge, but also chic.

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Speaking of mortars and pestles, here are three more cute selections that look great with a white marble kitchen.  The first is a tiny herb and salt grinder, great for just a dash of whatever you need to mix up.  The other two are more traditional, without an attached lid, but are still functional and very cute.



Which Marble Piece is Your Favorite?


What do you think of white marble, are you a fan or is it over-rated?  Also, I’m curious to know what everyone else has for kitchen countertops… leave a comment below!

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