Tempting Travel Vlogs : Youtube Video Travels That Inspire You to Vacation

Tempting Travel Vlogs : Youtube Video Travels That Inspire You to Vacation

The Magic of Armchair Travel

Are you in the mood to travel but it’s just not possible at the moment? Do you yearn to stay in the most luxurious destinations and enjoy the finest experiences, all from the comfort of your own home?

YouTube gives us another way to explore the world – as armchair travelers on a first-person journey alongside other adventurers who record their trips and vacations for posterity. The whole world awaits, you can visit any locale, experience first hand culture and thrilling experiences, and it doesn’t cost a dime. Below is a playlist of the absolute best and most inspiring travelogues and travel vlogs on the internet that will make you want to pack everything up and go on an amazing holiday.

Endless Hours of Gorgeous Travel Videos

Armchair travelers rejoice, because now you can experience the most exotic destination from the comfort of your computer or phone.

Our world travel playlist is continually being updated with new, exotic, luxury and budget destinations visited by the best of Youtube vloggers. You can watch through the first videos to get to more entertainment and culture, as the next video on the list will just automatically play for you!

You can always bookmark the playlist or any of the videos on it to find it later. Youtube also offers helpful suggestions in the sidebar for what to watch next from the same creators and other travel writers and film makers. In this way, there is a nearly endless variety of amazing holiday and vacation destination movies to peruse through.

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Crazy Luxury Experiences You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

If you can’t get enough of these amazing travel videos, you can pop over to YouTube to discover even more delicious travel ideas and experiences, or you can stay right here on Paper Duchesses and let your imagination take you on a journey with these first person luxury travel bloggers.

Some Luggage to Go With Your Travel?

While you’re watching, we’ve rounded up some fun travel accessories to tempt your shopping sensibilities. If you’re in the market for your own luggage set now that you’re inspired by all these gorgeous places to visit, we’ve rounded up some pretty sets!

What Do You Think?

Do you love travel vlogs and Youtube luxury travelogue videos as much as we do? What is your favorite luxurious travel vlogger, and what destinations would you go to if you could? Tell us in the comments below!

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