SpaceX Unveils Interplanetary Transport System in Cinematic Youtube Video

SpaceX Unveils Interplanetary Transport System in Cinematic Youtube Video

Interplanetary Transportation Rocket Design Revealed


Today SpaceX revealed the first breathtaking look at it’s new Interplanetary Transport System in a video that shows how it plans to transport human beings to Mars and other destinations in our solar system.  The four minute montage covers the process which incorporates reusable rockets, atmospheric refueling, solar power arrays, and even hints at a complete terraforming of Mars’ atmosphere after colonization.



SpaceX Plans to Transport Colonists to Mars


The journey is undertaken by animated Mars colonists of the future, and the viewer is invited to follow along every step of the way from the loading dock of earth to the eventual Mars landing and even many rotations in the future where an idyllic vision of a Mars covered with oceans and vegetative coastal areas hangs like an oasis in the black desert of space.




Beautiful Cinematography Will Draw in New Space Enthusiasts


In addition to elevating scientific concepts, the video is also a visually stunning appeal to the tenacity of the human spirit and the thrill of exploring unknown, uncharted reaches of our universe sure to attract a new generation of astronautical enthusiasts.  Whether or not the vision is achieved as planned or on schedule, SpaceX has proven that ingenuity and multi-disciplinary effort can inspire unimaginable change and bring the furthest dreams into reality.




A Vision to Make Humans a Multi-Planetary Species


It is only a matter of time before we make travel to other planet and even the deepest parts of space a routine occurrence, and thanks to SpaceX this reality has been brought vividly and arrestingly to the attention of the world, spreading the hope and possibility of colonizing other worlds made habitable for earth life through innovation and ingenuity.

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What Do You Think?


Do you believe SpaceX’s ambitious plans can transport humanity to another planet?  Are you skeptical about the safety of the first colonists, or other aspects of the technology?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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