“Simon Cowell Was Just Like Christian Grey in Bed,” Claims Former Lover About TV Host, Grossing Out Internet

“Simon Cowell Was Just Like Christian Grey in Bed,” Claims Former Lover About TV Host, Grossing Out Internet

Glamour Model Claims Simon Cowell is Sexy in Bed


Simon Cowell has managed to shock and awe the internet again, this time for revelations by glamour model Alicia Douvall.  Alicia once had an intimate liaison with the music and television mogul, and lived to tell the world the tale.  She lasciviously revealed that in her intimate opinion, “Simon Cowell was just like Christian Grey in Bed!”



A Decade Old Affair Not to Be Forgotten


Not one to be shy, Alicia Douvall previously divulged salacious details of her romance with Cowell and their sexual encounters.  Simon is currently in a long-term relationship with Lauren Silverman, the mother of his first and only child.   Simon and Lauren scandalously became pregnant together while she was still married to her former husband, another close friend of Cowell’s.  A messy divorce ensued, but all appears to be domestic bliss on the home front now, these new allegations aside.



Back in 2012 model Alicia also divulged intimate details of her six month affair with Simon Cowell, which occurred 11 years ago.  “He was just like Fifty Shades Lothario Christian Grey!” Alicia Douvall gushed to an interviewer at Closer magazine,  “He was sensitive but domineering.”  One might question why this demur madam would wait so long to reveal Simon’s sexual prowess to the world, certainly the internet did.


Left Out of Cowell’s Memoir, Douvall Wrote Her Own


Alicia answered the question in subsequent interviews, revealing that she was left out of Simon Cowell’s juicy expose-style memoir, to her dismay.  The model, known in Britian for her myriad plastic surgeries, decided to get some sweet revenge.  Not only did Alicia Douvall give a tell all interview covering all the salacious details, but she also has her own memoir coming out… and she vows to leave nothing to the imagination.

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A Gentleman and a Dominant


With stories like the revelation that she and Simon Cowell had sex 11 times during one evening alone, Douvall’s book is bound to be worth a quick read.  Alicia’s memories are not all Fifty Shades of Kink, however.  She also recalls that Simon was a complete gentleman, that he was romantic and made her feel special, and that she fondly misses their six months together.  Alicia even revealed that the pair hooked up five more times since their decade old split, but declined to say when.



The Internet Just Thinks Simon Cowell is Gay


The comments on the articles covering the story are biting and telling, describing the general feeling of the internet towards Simon Cowell’s prowess and sexual orientation.  The suggestions given by readers range from Simon Cowell having paid Alicia to make him appear like a Don Juan when in fact he is not, or to improve the public impression of his manhood which in reality is lacking.  Most commenters, however, assumed the story was launched to cover the fact that Simon Cowell is not-so-secretly homosexual.



While the internet may never know the true motivations for Alicia Douvall to reveal that she thinks Simon is kinky, sexy, and an all around good time in the boudoir, one thing is almost universally agreed on.  The whole affair is gross, and pretty much no one at all wants to know what it is like to have sex with Simon Cowell.


Keep Simon Cowell’s Privates to Yourself, Girls!


What Do You Think?


Simon Cowell as Christian Grey in the sack… sexy or gross?  Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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