The $28,000 Shark Bag by Hermès & Opulent Art Handbags and Designer Purses

The $28,000 Shark Bag by Hermès & Opulent Art Handbags and Designer Purses

A Vintage Shark Handbag by Hermès


Some purses have to be seen to be believed, like this Hermès vintage handbag with a shark design that weights in at a cool $28,000.  It’s not just a metaphor or description of the bag’s leather type, this purse has an actual grinning shark stitched into the bag, complete with menacing teeth. 


As Taylor Swift once declared, ‘Art is Valuable, So Art Should be Expensive,’ a rallying cry heralded by luxury purse and bag couturiers the world over.


The Decadence of a Historic Luxury House


Hermès bags are hardly known for being affordable luxury goods, with some styles of the famous French brand going for two to three times the price of the shark purse.  Auctions have even reached over $100,000 for vintage Hermes pieces and one-of-a-kind couture orders.  If you want to be impressed, the beautiful Hermès website houses the brand which is known for it’s style and quality,  intricate details, and craftsmanship.



Opulent Designer Art Bags


The shark motif is hardly the most extravagant or creative design on offer from the fashion world of haute couture, there are many current season and retail styles available now that are even more eye-popping.   Some of the prices are even more exorbitant than the $28,000 shark purse, but some of them are available at your local mall or on Amazon for less than $100 if you want to get the look for less.


What Do You Think?


Would you ever consider wearing one of these bags… tell us in the comments! Do you think $30,000 to own a show-stopper art piece is outrageous or fabulous?

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