Runa Guayusa Tea Tasting Video: Morning Drive Taste Testing Unsweetened Guava Iced Tea That Has More Caffeine Than Black Tea

Runa Guayusa Tea Tasting Video: Morning Drive Taste Testing Unsweetened Guava Iced Tea That Has More Caffeine Than Black Tea

Tasting Runa Amazon Guayusa Tea


I had a lovely morning drive taste testing the new Runa Unsweetened Guava flavor after discovering it on a quick stop at Whole Foods Market.  Here is my quick little review of Runa’s new Guayusa Iced Tea, which you can see sparkling happily in the sunlight through the countryside.  I picked it up not knowing anything about Guayusa and enjoyed it while watching the scenery roll by.



All the Tea on What Guayusa Actually Is:


Guayusa is a tea made in the Amazon region of South America that naturally has more caffeine than normal black teas from China and India.  Black teas, of course, have more caffeine than green or white teas, but less than coffee or chocolate.



The taste of guayusa is different than black or green tea, it is more earthy in my opinion, but not unpleasant. The natural flavor of guayusa blends well with fruit notes such as this guava infusion, even without sweetener.




Which Flavor of Runa Guayusa Tea is Best?


I’ve also tried the sweetened Raspberry flavor of Runa’s Guayusa tea and I really liked it.  I personally prefer Raspberry to Guava, both because I like a bit of sweetness and also because I generally dislike Guava.  It is not my favorite flavor in anything, I find it to be like eating an exotic perfume.



Waking Up with Runa Guayusa Tea on a Morning Drive was a pretty cinematic clip for upcoming video I hope to compile soon. I’ve also filmed bits of the Raspberry flavor and I’m hoping to get the Hibiscus Berry soon too.

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In general, I loved this tea.  I found it wakes you up with more power than just plain black tea, and honestly that’s why I’m drinking it half the time.  Guayusa is a perfect drink to try when you want to have a beautiful, bright start to your morning too.  Or a midnight boost, whichever.




I bought my bottle of Runa from Whole Foods Market, so you can find it there for sure.



Amazon also has a huge variety of Runa teas in stock, here are some of the flavors that looked appealing.  I think I might try the Sweet Hibiscus Berry flavor next time, it sounds like vacationing in an exotic paradise.


Unsweentened Guava Guayasa Tea –
Unsweetened Mint Honeysuckle –
Sweet Hibiscus Berry Guayasa –
Sweet Peach Guayasa Tea –




What Do You Think?


Have you ever tried a Guayusa tea before, or the Runa brand?  If you did, tell me what you thought of it, and if not, would you dare to try this Amazon secret to extra caffeine?  Which is your personal favorite flavor of iced tea?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!


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