Youtube Star Channon Rose Launches New Rose Beauty Channel

Youtube Star Channon Rose Launches New Rose Beauty Channel


Youtube Star Channon Rose, who has a combined total of 1.2 million subscribers across two separate lifestyle and vlogging channels, recently launched a makeup and beauty channel on the video sharing site.  Newly minted ‘Rose Beauty‘ will feature Channon Rose’s expert advice on makeup looks, beauty products, how-to guides, and challenges from the positivity-focused guru.



The flagship video, featured below, launched with the channel is a casual ‘Get Ready With Me’, commonly abbreviated to GRWM.  The conversational scene shows Channon Rose applying her make-up and styling her hair as she ‘gets ready’, chatting amicably to the viewer and giving the impression of a one-on-one cosmetics lesson from a friend or older sister.



Rose Beauty managed to attract over 20,000 subscribers during its first week live, and viewers left more than 700 comments on the first video alone, showing the community response has been supportive and positive thus far.





Channon Rose draws from a rich and varied career in entertainment and film, including experience as a professional make-up artist.  When she first launched her main YouTube channel, Rose has stated she did so with the intention of doing makeup tutorials and looks of the day, a common video style on the platform.  However, the focus changed due to the skyrocketing popularity of Rose’s Storytime videos and later her vlogs, which showcase a reality-television style glimpse into her daily life.

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The second video launched on Rose Beauty is a Valentine’s Day ‘Get Ready With Me’ look in romantic shades of pink, which you can watch below.



Coming full circle from her beginning on Youtube, Channon Rose has finally created a beauty guru channel with Rose Beauty, to the delight of her fans and others in the beauty community who enjoy interesting, experienced, and professionally produced tutorials and videos.



Teaming up with videographer and producer husband Travis Dean, who also runs a health channel as well as a vlog from his viewpoint, Channon Rose clearly intends to delivery top quality, high-end cinematography in addition to her watchable, fun content.  The third video featured on Rose Beauty was a hilarious challenge video, “Husband Guesses Which Beauty Products Go Where”, which featured Travis in what may become a regular segment.




If you’re still yearning for more after watching Rose Beauty‘s first three videos, you can peruse through Channon Rose’s main channel which feature dozens of make-up tutorials and beauty product reviews.  While you’re there, be sure to check out her Story Time videos, which number among the most popular on YouTube.  You can even follow along with her daily life and her struggle with infertility on her vlogging channel.



You can also order a copy of Channon Rose’s autobiography, Lessons Between the Lines, from Amazon in either paperback format or Kindle edition to read right away.  It’s a gripping and interesting read with 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and over 260 reviews, and covers the troubled youth of the star which included child abuse, prostitution, psychiatric issues, and more – but with a happy ending and the author’s lessons learned from each difficult trial.  Channon Rose is currently planning an audiobook version and also penning the eagerly anticipated second installment.

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