Restoration Hardware’s Fall Catalog

Restoration Hardware’s Fall Catalog

Restoration Hardware Redesigns Fall Magazine


It’s Autumn, and one of the delights of the season is the day when the Restoration Hardware print catalog arrived…




Though a little late, the new catalog from Restoration Hardware was much anticipated.  Delayed two seasons until they could re-imagine their vision, the new product lookbook is considerably slimmer than past offerings. At a scaled down two catalogs from previous years when a dozen magazines were wrapped and sent off to customers, efficiency and minimalism spring to mind as inspirations for the design.




At least the print register of RH has finally arrived.  The only ancillary booklet included is the catalog of Rugs, which while enjoyable to look at, is monotonous.  The main Restoration Hardware catalog itself is nice, but does lack some of that special and breathtaking styling and drama that made their catalogs so anticipated in the past.  Perhaps for Spring, they will again refresh their magazine and give us something to be excited about?




What Do You Think?


Are you on the mailing list for Restoration Hardware so you can enjoy these gorgeous magazines?  What do you think of the new redesign of the Autumn catalog?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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