Not Très Enchantée : The Reality of a Dream Date in Paris When You’re Over 60

Not Très Enchantée : The Reality of a Dream Date in Paris When You’re Over 60

Well, Paris was fun…

But it wasn’t exactly as dreamy and romantic as a lady might have hoped for. If you missed it, I was packing for a trip to Paris with a dear old friend to buy a watch.

Paris is always magical… and surprising.

We strolled through quiet winter streets, checked into a lavish suite, and had an elegant lunch at a simple little cafe. It is still cold in Paris, but I had on this shaggy faux fur that got a number of stares, most of them appreciative I’d wager.

Later I wore a sparkling mermaid dress that my grand-daughter insisted was in vogue… I felt a little daring, and the night felt a little bit special. Best of all, things with my generous old friend seemed to be going well.

Very well, if you catch my drift. The suite had two rooms but, well… a lady never discusses such things.

So there I was enchantée… sitting at the table gazing into the eyes of my handsome old friend, when suddenly his hand slipped inside the front of his jacket. He pulled something from the pocket there, right in front of his heart.

It made my heart leap into my throat, I’ll tell you that!

My breath caught in my throat, and instantly I wanted to cough. I’m SO too old for this, I thought to myself, and then fleetingly I admired how his eyes were glimmering at me in that mysterious way of his. Then, his lips parted and the words spilled out in an instant, changing the course of the vacation and our friendship forever…

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“Excuse me, darling Mimi, I’ve got to take this call.” Business as usual. Alas, that’s how it is with some people.

Dame Mimi has decided that Paris was très enchantée mais…

She is off tonight to bask in the heart warming sunshine of her grand babies. There is nothing like the cacophony of children’s voices to soothe the heart.

And a Big, STIFF… frozen drink!

Sunset kisses from an island watching little ones play in the sand!

xoxo Mimi

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  • And everyone knows the viseral response to that. Three this happened simultaneously,my seat shot bolt upright ,the glass disappeared from my hand and my eyes shot wide open. I spluttered my mouthful which was merely a sip,because as you know ladies only sip,when I heard a throaty chuckle. I skewed my body to the left to grab that beautiful bag holding my hankie to remove the droplets of gin and OMG Who is that!!!!! I must be more tipsy than I thought.

  • Reclining in my first class compartment, I can already feel the heat from the Caribbean sun on caressing my right cheek. With my eyes closed I turn towards the window like a flower turning towards the sun, letting the warmth embrace me. It melts the ice layered around my heart. It must be a very thin layer this time. Only one tear escapes when the ice melts. As I wipe the tear away I also wipe away the disappointment and I am ready to enjoy this new day. I feel my lips upturn and part, I take a deep breathe and inhaling a huge gulp of the ice cold, gin martini with 3 olives,I forgot I had in my hand.

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