Rocket Launch Glam : What to Wear to Sparkle Like a Star for the SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Rocket Launch Glam : What to Wear to Sparkle Like a Star for the SpaceX Falcon Heavy


Star Gazing Glamour for the Falcon Heavy Launch


Imagine a thrilling than an evening under the stars, watching as a rocket explodes from a storm of thunder and fire and arcs through the sky into the heavens in one of the most stunning light shows created by man.  A visit to the space coast to watch the latest rocket launch is an experience you won’t forget, and one you’ll want to make special memories of. 


No matter what time of day or night, expect to see a magical show in the sky when you visit a space center.  Even if you have an early launch, this is the perfect opportunity to spend the night star-gazing on a nearby beach!


Creating the perfect look for your special night can launch your experience to a new level, so we’ve got some stellar outfit recommendations on how to sparkle like the stars while you sit beneath them.  Don’t worry, we have all the little details covered, right down to your starry toenail polish!


A Galaxy of Beautiful Accessories



Sparkle Like the Stars in these Jewels


Galaxy designs with rich dark colors and bright white constellations feature heavily in our collection of suggestions, as well as starry night details. Accessories are an easy way to add sparkle and brightness to an outfit that is dominated by darker hues and really make it special.


Warm Under the Light of the Stars


Most of the time the weather in Florida or other launch sites is warm, but as they happen at night you might have to bundle up or consider wearing long pants such as some shimmering jeans. Here are some warm layers within the out of this world theme to make your rocket launch experience even cozier.

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Learn More about Rockets and Space Launches


Now that you have ideas for your perfect outfit, be sure to check the calendar for upcoming launch dates and plan your sparkling night.  The Kennedy Space Center is the premiere location in Cape Canaveral from which to view the rocket launches, and you can find all the details on their website:



What Do You Think?


Do you love stargazing?  What is your go-to outfit for a night under the open sky?  Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to tell us if you’ve ever been to a rocket launch yourself!


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