The Cutest Cat on the Internet Is Now Plush: Pusheen Gifts For Internet Meme & Kawaii Lovers

The Cutest Cat on the Internet Is Now Plush: Pusheen Gifts For Internet Meme & Kawaii Lovers

The Cutest Internet Cat Pusheen is Now Plush!


Pusheen is an adorable animated cat of epic internet proportions.  This comic kitty has now been memorialized into plush toy form, and the cuteness is nearly overwhelming!  Learn all about this sweet little kawaii cat and where you can find the most adorable merch that supports the illustrator, Claire Belton.



Pusheen Cat Toys for Yourself or a Gift


These cute Pusheen toys and treats make for a great gift for a cat lover or tempting splurge for yourself.  Pusheen is a chubby, tubby tabby that began as a simple drawing.  This led to a series of adorable comics that became a viral internet phenomenon, and later memes shared around the world.  Now, Pusheen is immortalized forever in plush! 


Some of Pusheen’s Iconic Moments




Read the Story of Pusheen & Friends


You can now buy books that tell the story of Pusheen and celebrate the cuteness of cats everywhere.  The lovable kawaii character even features in a calendar.  If you’re artistic, consider getting a coloring book for adults.  For Valentine’s Day, cute plushies make great presents for cat lovers and anyone who covets the super adorable.  Reasonably priced, you can grab one for that special someone, and for yourself!


The Cutest Pusheen Merchandise, Now on Amazon!


Amazon has your back when it comes to the latest merchandise that’s trending on the Internet.  They offer the full range of fun items offered by Gund and also books and items created directly by Claire Belton herself.  Cute books, adorable mugs, and even calendars and note cards are all being offered and directly support the artist.

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Expanding the Pusheen Cat Brand


Clair Belton has not been idle since creating her signature comic kitty.  She developed Pusheen into a brand that produces comics, animations, and now products such as adorable plush toys, stickers, and clothing.  Pusheen can be compared to a modern Hello Kitty, incorporating the same themes of extreme cuteness, happy frivolity, and the delight of everyday pleasures.



Crazy Cat Lady or Sweet Kawaii Lover


For the cat lover or anyone who enjoys cute animals, bright colors, and animated characters, consider a Pusheen doll as a gift.  What could be sweeter for your Valentine or for a birthday?  Even if the recipient doesn’t know who Pusheen is, they are sure to appreciate how adorable and well-made the products are and fall in love immediately.  It’s a great gift for kids and girls, and the best part is the toys are not expensive.  The key chains and card holders all double as stuffed animals so you get a toy and a utility gift in one!

Collect all the latest Pusheen Varieties!


There are Pusheen varieties for everyone, and the outfits she is dressed in couldn’t get much cuter!  Internationally renown toy-maker Gund is responsible for the creation of the plush line, and they executed it very well.   Show how much you love someone with an adorable toy that they will love themselves!  Like the beanie babies of old, Pusheen dolls are starting to be offered in as many adorable varieties as their comic namesake.

The Timeless Appeal of a Kawaii Kitty


There’s no denying the appeal of a kawaii inspired cat dressed up as different creatures such as a dragon or unicorn, or sporting little outfits such as a dapper twill set that nods at Sherlock Holmes.  The differently themed key chains make a great gift, and help you find your keys!  Functional and fun gifts are always appreciated.

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Destined to Become Collectible Toys


The plush toys alone come in tons of varieties and are becoming a collectible.  You can try to collect all the different varieties or just pick out the perfect spirit animal for a friend.  Now that you’re inspired by all the fun products that Pusheen makes, you can go check out the official website and see the animated cuteness that started it all.




What Do You Think?


What do you think of Pusheen?  Tell us what you’re planning to get that special someone for Valentine’s Day, or what you’re planning to buy for yourself – comment below!

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