Prince Charming Wears Nikes, But I Don’t : How to Date an Athlete When You Don’t Exercise Like One

Prince Charming Wears Nikes, But I Don’t : How to Date an Athlete When You Don’t Exercise Like One

Featured Author : Linn Mattsson
Instagram: @linnmattssons

Dating a Hot Prince Charming With the Perfect Male Body


It’s like he was straight taken from a black and white Calvin Klein commercial.  


If I google “sexiest man alive,” all I see are pictures of him.  


If there is something like the ideal male body – one that follows standards from physiotherapy literature and exemplifies Da Vinci’s perfect proportions – I’ve found him.



Prince Charming Wears Nikes, I Love Chocolate Cake


He’s at the gym almost every day and his workouts consist of either high intensity cardio or heavy weight training.  


He’s getting ready for upcoming OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) and is preparing for other competitions.  



I’m the girl who secretly can eat a whole chocolate cake by myself (and then want more), and I have an obsession for raw food super balls.  



Where I keep crisp bread, marmalade with a taste of fig, almonds, and apples in the pantry, he’s filling the shelves with protein powder, BCAAs, health bars, and several bags of amino supplements.  


I have a good physique and I’m healthy, but the lifestyle mostly characterized by training I’ve handed over to him.  




So how much do common interests matter in our relationship?


Like-minded people seem to be attracted to each other, but must this necessarily always apply?  Dumping a girl because she does not exercise seven days a week sounds idiotic and unrealistic to us.  


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However, it also seems that opposite attracts – some couples who are different are simply attracted to each other.  People who differ from each other then work as a complement to each other, as we do.  


It lies in human nature to be drawn to the valuable qualities that you lack – perhaps by extension increasing the odds of our survival.  On the other hand, we are not completely each other’s opposites.  



What is required for a successful relationship?


We’ve found our success with a sense of humor, respect, equality, and communication.  These keywords have worked for us so far.  This on and forward-going relationship is based on a common ground.  Personal chemistry and personality similarities are central.


In many other ways we are equal and share the same important values. For example: the only cheating he’ll be doing involves food.  



The importance of exercising does not seem to be that critical when compensated for by other important features.  Googling “the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend” suddenly becomes less interesting.  


Being a ‘Fitness Couple’ is not always goals.


I have to admit that it’s a bit scary that he’s so self-conscious of his body.  The visual examination he sooner or later is going to do of my body is also a bit frightening.


With this dedication to fitness, however, he’s not trying to convert me to the training world or sell the idea to me.  


And I’m certainly not complaining about his visible veins and M. Serratus anterior – the sexiest muscle?!


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This love story is to be continued – if we stop dating, or if we’re in the run for a long-term relationship (or even runaway bride & groom)!




What Do You Think?


Have you ever been in a relationship with someone at a different fitness level than you?  Are you the person wearing the Nikes in the relationship or not? Are you more attracted to your opposite, or someone just like you?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


About the Author


Linn Mattsson is a physiotherapy student balancing between Crossfit and yoga, movement and stillness, & all-nighters and lying in bed on Sundays. 

Instagram: @linnmattssons


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  • IMO you guys won’t be happy in the long run, or at least he won’t. While you don’t need to be “fitness goals”, if fitness is a big part of his life, he’s going to want it to at least be part of yours. It’s obviously something he values and I think it really contributes to compatibility. Think of something you really really love and then imagine if your partner had 0 interest in it. So, in my opinion, if your prince charming is an athlete and you hate exercise, then don’t date him.

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