Pinterest Princess : My Royal Dream Lifestyle in Extravagant Luxury Pins !

Pinterest Princess : My Royal Dream Lifestyle in Extravagant Luxury Pins !

The Pinterest of a Princess


I love Princesses, and I love imagining being one. I have for as long as I can remember – I was always that little girl in dresses and a tiara with matching sparkling shoes. Now I still occasionally wear such glamorous style for the fun of it, but sadly my youthful foray into marriage was not with a Prince.


Who needs a Prince when you have Pinterest?


Pinterest is always there for you with great advice, beautiful images to cheer you up when you’re down, and cute adorable things held by reassuring handsome men for when you’re really down. You don’t even need a Prince to buy you expensive jewels or gorgeous castles with sprawling estates … you can collect all those things and more on your own Pinterest boards.



Pinning something is almost as fun as actually buying it!


Now, thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest, I no longer have to spend hours cutting up magazines to make collages and custom vision boards – I can collect all the images I want online. When you Pin something to Pinterest, you save an image of it forever into a themed board that you create based on any topic you like, like my “Life as a Royal Princess” board below.


Then, everyone else on Pinterest can see your image and what you wrote about it, and share it if they like it! Pinterest has it all because everyone shares what they love, organized into neat and helpful categories. You can find things you absolutely have to buy or just spend hours browsing through images of French chateaux for sale or helpful gardening tips.

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Follow Paper Duchesses on Pinterest for Amazing Pins


One of my contributions to that enchanted wonderland of delight is my collection of images for what my life would be like if and when I finally get my crown and become a royal myself.  You can scroll through the whole board below.


If I were a luxuriously rich princess able to live in the decadent style to which I am accustomed and deserve, this is what that would look like.


You are all invited over to my castle, so if you don’t already have a Pinterest go and sign up so you can start creating your own fun fantasy boards too!



What Do You Think?


What would your life look like if you were a fabulously rich royal? Do you have an dream Pinterest where you created a vision board? Tell me your thoughts on the lavish lifestyle in the comments below!


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