Pretty in Pink & Purple Plaid Shirts : Bright Flannels to Cheer You Up and Make You Smile

Pretty in Pink & Purple Plaid Shirts : Bright Flannels to Cheer You Up and Make You Smile

Cozy Flannel Shirts for the Fall Season


No shirt is more quintessential to autumn than a warm flannel in an festive plaid print.  There is something comforting about enrobing yourself in a classic style you can return to year after year.  If purples and pinks are your favorite color, plaids can sometimes be hard to find, but not today.


Plaids never go out of style, and this year you can find flannel shirts in every color of the rainbow.  We’ve rounded up some of the cutest flannel selections by color, so keep scrolling down to find your new favorite shirt in pink or purple!


Purple Plaids and Violet Flannel Dreams


I love the pretty twist that comes when you mix a plaid with purple.  It’s a less traditional color choice, but luckily we’re seeing these styles pop up here and there.  I love violet in every hue, and a plaid gives you the chance to wear a range of colors in the same complementary family.  


Here are some of the Prettiest Purple Plaids:




Perfect Pink Plaids for Fall


Pink is always a favorite, and for flannels it’s no exception.  While it may not seem like a traditional autumn hue, it works very well for fall.  Combining deep fall colors and adding a pop of pink really gives a feminine, fun twist on the style.  



From delicate blush rose to bright magenta and everywhere in between, pink makes a perfect plaid.  Check out some of the latest styles below:

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Hot Pink Flannels To Warm Up Your Fall


Pinks of every hue are romantic to wear on a day with falling leaves, hunting for the perfect pumpkin, or enjoying apple cider by the campfire.  If you love the color, it shows off your personality and feminine side while still being outdoorsy and comfortable.




Transitioning from summer to fall can be bittersweet, but not when you keep fashion fun with your favorite color.  If you love hot pink, wear it in autumn too! Fashion Blogger PearlsandSportsBras shows off two different hot pink styles below:


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What Do You Think About Plaid?


Are you here for Fall Flannel season, with a selection of plaids already ready to go?  Or are you considering adding this as a new style to your wardrobe?  Which colors stand out to you the most for Autumn?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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