Royal Society Wedding: Pippa Middleton Marries James Matthews in England’s Ceremony of the Season

Royal Society Wedding: Pippa Middleton Marries James Matthews in England’s Ceremony of the Season

Pippa Middleton Weds James Matthews in Royal Style


Pippa Middleton may be the sister of a Princess, but her wedding to James Matthews was both a Royal Affair and the Society Event of the Season.  The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge wed billionaire financier Matthews in a magnificent 12th century St. Mark’s Church located in Englefield Green, just moments from her parents’ home in Bucklebury, Berkshire.



The bride looking stunning in white lace which showcased Pippa Middleton’s perfect silhouette and incredibly tiny waist.  Appearing every inch the princess, bride Pippa chose a high-neck dress with capped sleeves that showed off her athletic, toned arms.  Pippa’s veil swept the floor elegantly and was pinned in her elegantly coiffured chignon with diamond clasps.



The Bride Wore a Tiara Fit for a Princess


A delicate floral tiara completed the perfect bridal look and put Pippa on par with her Royal sister, the Duchess of Cambridge.  Kate Middleton wore a tiara loaned to her from the Queen’s collection when she rode with father Michael to marry Prince William.  At the time, it was bemoaned that Catherine had apparently selected the most demure and modest tiara in the entire collection.  Pippa’s tiara may be even more delicate, but it is lovely and the perfect piece for a stately country wedding.



Pippa’s tiara was both bespoke and newly made for the occasion.  It was designed and handmade for the Middleton bride by jeweler Robinson Pelham.   In a romantic turn that belies the Middleton girl’s love of the language of flowers, the piece is named the “Maidenhair Fern” tiara.  

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Pippa’s Flawlessly Perfect Society Wedding


Every detail of the service from the flowers to the glass tent imported from Belgium, was picture perfect.  Even Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, was on hand to make sure her sister’s dress and train were pristine before Pippa’s walk down the aisle.  We’ll have articles on each and every special touch that party planner extraordinaire Pippa used to make her special day the Society Even of the Season.



It was a beautiful sunny morning to have a wedding, and a magical sprinkle of rain fell from the heavens for about 40 minutes during the church ceremony, but cleared in plenty of time for the wedding party to emerge.



The Princess’ Sister and the Billionaire Future Lord


Pippa’s new husband might not be a Duke in line to inherit the throne to all the United Kingdom, but James Matthews does stand to inherit properties including a castle in Scotland that confers a title to the owner and a gorgeous resort estate called Eden Rock that his parents run for celebrities and the super rich elite.  



Once the newlywed couple inherit, Pippa will become a Lady of the Manor with her husband as the Laird.  James Matthews is a billionaire in his own right, however, so Pippa will not have to wait even a minute to enjoy the fruits of his financier fortune.  

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It is safe to say that the couple will likely continue their extremely active lifestyle that is laden with charity work and athletic events that raise money for philantrophies.  The couple truly embodies noblisse oblige, the notion that with great fortune comes great responsibility, and they work tirelessly towards this aim.



Wedding Guests Awash with Royalty and Titles


Several princesses, princes and other title holders were in attendance at this royal society wedding of the year.  While the bride and groom might just be ordinary citizens, their guests were anything but.  From royal brothers-in-law and a future Queen for a sister, to the top tier of society which both Pippa and James circulate in, the guests were glittering and well-heeled.



Guests included Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as reality television show star and brother of the groom Spencer who greeted the royal brothers as they entered the church through the side entrance to avoid stealing the crowd’s attention from the bride.



Prince George and Princess Charlotte in Waiting


While the Duchess of Cambridge dressed demurely in blush rose to complement the delicate floral themed colors of the event, the little Pages and Bridesmaids stole the show.  Dressed in floral crowns and dresses sashed with the same dusty rose as Kate wore, the little girls including Princess Charlotte looked the perfect vision of cherubic bliss.  Prince George and other pageboys were a little naughty and rather cheeky, but overall well behaved for such a long and tiring event.

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Pippa’s nephew Prince George and neice Princess Charlotte were among the adorable bridesmaids and pages that stole the show with their elegant outfits and cheeky antics.  One of the pages made rude gestures to photographers before the service, and Prince George naughtily stomped on his aunt’s beautiful bridal train, causing mom Kate to give him a scolding as they exited the church.




A Charming Country Wedding Invitation


A post by a glamorous wedding guest on Instagram revealed Pippa’s charming country wedding invitation.  Click on our latest post to read all the details about the elegant invite!  If you look with a close eye you will notice the design is an illustrated creeping maidenhair fern… the very same plant used in Pippa’s tiara and veil clips!  I think it’s safe to say the maidenhair fern was likely an integral part of Pippa’s decorating scheme and important to her personally.



What Do You Think?


What do you think of Pippa Middleton Matthews royal fairytale wedding?  Which of the details were your favorite, and did you find yourself comparing it to Kate Middleton’s royal wedding to Prince William?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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