The Prettiest Dress of the Spring & Summer Season is a Sparkling Pink Gown from British Designer Needle & Thread

Prettiest Dress for Spring & Summer


Sparkling with sequins and layered with delicate tulle, the prettiest dresses of the spring and summer season are from Needle & Thread!  With embroidered flowers, lace, and whimsical embellishments, these dresses sparkle from every angle and exude feminine charm.  Delightfully ladylike pastel tea dresses from Needle & Thread are everywhere on Pinterest and on all the trendiest social influencers and celebrities.


Charming Details on the Prettiest Dress of the Season


 The aesthetic of this style is delicate, feminine, ladylike, and just so pretty!  These magical pastel creations sparkle in the light and just beg for a tea party or daytime wedding to shine at.  There are several variations of the style made by the designer, but our favorite is the classic pink dress with all over floral embellishments and ruffled lace sleeves.  This is THE prettiest dress of the season.





Latest Sighting:  Seen on Pink Peonies Rach Parcell!



Our favorite dress beautiful spring and summer events is Needle & Thread, and bloggers, social influencers, and celebrities agree!  We’ve seen the style on a range of stunning women and are excited to add to the list.  The latest sighting of the beautiful pink Needle and Thread Gown is on none other than Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies!  We have an entire post with all the details for you!



Prettiest Dress Designed by Needle & Thread


The creative designer behind these absolutely stunning creations is British label Needle & Thread.  Not only do they make the prettiest dress of the season, but also a host of other gorgeous couture.  With a background in designing exotic saris, they make the most stunning embellished gowns and women’s formal fashion and are slaying the ready to wear scene this spring.  

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Favorite Dress of Bloggers & Social Influencers


I’m not the only one who loves these Needle & Thread brand gowns though, you’ve probably noticed these amazingly detailed dresses, suit coats, and separates all over bloggers on your Instagram feed.  The reason for this trend is obvious, these dresses are among the prettiest we’ve ever seen!  


Social influencers such as actresses, models, celebrities, youtubers, and bloggers have all been seen wearing enviable Needle & Thread dresses.  Check out the ladies below who are showing off the pink Needle & Thread design.  There are several delightful, similar styles that are just as gorgeous!  If you want to buy these show-stoppers for yourself, just click on any of the pictures or scroll through the shopping widgets.



Needle & Thread Uses Beading, Glitter, and Sequins


Needle & Thread is a British brand, with inspiration from India and England both.  The combination yields a beautiful result, and you can tell the brand is experienced at producing luxury bridal wear and saris.  Every flower and sequin is carefully and uniquely placed, creating a garden of delight out of beads and metallic thread.  The pieces not only look heavenly and feel luxurious, they just exude a sense of opulent feminine charm.



Elegant Styles in Black and Shimmer


If frilly pink tea-length dresses are not your style, but you still love the enchanting aesthetic of Needle & Thread, never fear!  This elegant luxury brand has plenty of designs to light up your eyes and bring a thrill of sartorial desire.  Scroll through the selections below to see some other dresses, suits, and jackets by Needle & Thread.

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A Perfect Garden Party Gown


These tea dresses would make an elegant and adorable afternoon tea outfit, or be perfect for a garden party. The possibilities are endless with a gorgeous, timeless piece like one of these deliciously feminine concoctions.  We’ve also been seeing a trend to wear Needle & Thread as a wedding guest, and it’s just perfect for a special occasion when you want to be spectacular but not ostentatious.



The Perfect Morning Wedding Dress


These elegant tea dresses would also make the perfect item to wear to a wedding, not to mention Needle & Thread offer many styles of dress for the bride as she gets ready for her special day, from formal dinners to in-law brunches.  Each style is gorgeous and timeless, and there are so many to choose from!  Needle & Thread offer a style for every personality, including a beautiful selection of gorgeous darker and black styles.



This Dress Sparkles like Crazy on Video


If you really want to see how special and gorgeous this tea dress looks in real life, just play the short video clip below.  Can you believe how the flowers catch the light and sparkle?  You can tell this is a high quality designer product, and you can be guaranteed to turn heads in this.  The design and concept is so fun, and it’s the kind of dress that I imagined princesses to wear on their day to day business.


Needle & Thread Dresses For Bridesmaids


Imagine this… all of your friends posing beside you in formals wearing ombre shades of tulle! The tea dresses would make the absolute prettiest bridesmaid gowns. They come in a few different shades so if one of them match your wedding colors, I would highly suggest considering it.

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Similar Styles of Pretty Feminine Frocks


I’ll leave you guys with some similar styles that are discounted from Needle & Thread if you’re looking for a tea dress on a slightly smaller budget. Leave a comment below and let me know what dress you’re drooling over and if you love this style as much as I do!



Strappy Styles for the Summer Sun


I could stare at these dresses all day, and I’m dreaming of a time when I can walk into an endless closet just filled with these dreamy fairytale concoctions fit for a princess.  For the moment, online window shopping will have to do, as it’s not yet warm and summery enough for these pretty styles.



Get the Designer Look for Less on Amazon



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What Do You Think?


Are you as obsessed with this enchantingly girly dress as we are?  Which style is your favorite?  Do you have any other amazing picks for a fairytale-themed tea parties or elegant garden weddings?  Leave a comment with your thoughts down below!


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