Pastel Hunter Wellies and Bright Rain Boots in Rainbow Shades for Stormy Days and Spring Weather

Pastel Hunter Wellies and Bright Rain Boots in Rainbow Shades for Stormy Days and Spring Weather


The Prettiest Pastel Wellies & Rain Boots


My favorite item from the Autumn Style Forecast for this Fall Season has got to be the rainbow selection of pastel Hunter Wellies and bright rain boots. I love the brightly colored shades which remind me of crisp cool weather and fun outside activities. Here is a closer look at some of my favorite Wellington styles and options from the historic Hunter brand, including cozy boot socks to complete the look and keep your feet warm!


Stealing the show out of all the boots this season has to be the blue shade like the Pale Mint color, both in gloss and matte finishes. It reminds me of the famous Eau-de-Nil shade Hunter once released, which was a little bit more robin’s egg blue and the most stunning boot I have ever seen. This season’s pale mint is a very close second, though, and I’ve seen these getting snapped up all over the place.


Bordering on light blue, the light grey Graphite color still gives the impression of a pastel but would look great with monochrome outfits as well and gives a little bit more versatility than a brightly colored rain boot, and the glossy sheen helps reflect the light to further this effect. Pale Air Force, Sky Blue, and Peacock Blue are three more beautiful shades so you get the exact color you want to match your wardrobe.


A Rainbow of Pretty Colors to Keep You Warm


Hunter Rain Boots come in different heights and models, but the basic difference is that some are tall, and some are short. The tall ones are better for keeping you extra dry and warm, including your upper calves, where the lower models are more casual or for better conditions. Personally, I prefer the look of the tall boots in almost every situation, but I’ve seen the short boots styled very chic as well.

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I love the look of pink rain boots, I think it’s so fun and feminine, and adds such a lovely pop of color to a look.  Not to mention, baby pink and rose shades are always a feminine choice that keep your outfit pretty.



Keep Cozy and Warm with Boot Socks!


Boot socks, also known as boot warmers or inserts, help keep your feet toasty warm on those especially cold or wet days out. They add a layer of comfort and luxury to the inside of a rain boot, which while usually comfortable, can feel a little odd when you’re used to boots with padded insoles. Some common styles include fleece and cable-knit patterns. They also come in sparkle fabric now and metallic shades, with new styles coming out every season to keep your boots looking fresh and current.


Cozy and classic white and cream shades are always a staple choice, and really dress up your rain boots and change the whole look into something more cozy and luxurious.


Some other pretty pastel shades of Hunter Wellies include Pale Air Force blue, Parchment white, and Succulent Green. All of these colors are on trend and will look great for the rainy, cold season.


If you want to go with a more vibrant and bold choice than pastel, there are a few options for more colorful rain boot styles and also boot socks from Hunter.  I love the tequila sunrise style, how fun are these?  They’d look cute with these vibrant sunny yellow boot socks, and I also really love how bright the purple is too.

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What Do You Think?


What shade of pastel rain boots is your favorite? Do you covet these Hunter wellies, or do you plan to purchase a pair yourself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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