People Still Get Crushes as Grown-Ups? The Grum Mum’s Morning Surprise

People Still Get Crushes as Grown-Ups?  The Grum Mum’s Morning Surprise

People Still Crush as Adults?


This morning I had the nicest start to the day, with someone telling me they have had a crush on me for the longest time!

A fellow we will call Joe, who I met at a Las Vegas convention back in 2014, messaged me on Facebook this morning first thing.  He demanded to know if I was getting married.  (I could not be further from wedded bliss, FYI, thanks for bringing it up chum.)
He then said he would be heartbroken if I was, because (drumroll please) he has a crush on me!  Then Joe added he would be sad if I had a boyfriend too… and that if we lived in the same city he would immediately ask me out.

He’s Too Good To Be True

I better describe Joe for you, so you can get the full effect of my heart palpitations when this devilishly blue-eyed bad boy with a heart of gold chatted me up over my morning coffee.  He’s tall of course, Americans are always tall and ruggedly handsome it seems, with that Western twang of an accent.  He has soft, thick dark hair, the kind you just want to curl your fingers through in the most inappropriate way possible.  Oh yes, I am a sucker for a nice head of hair.
The surprising bad boy twist is that his body is covered with tattoos, making him rather intimidating when coupled with those piercing blue eyes and perfectly groomed, freshly faded haircut.  I think he might even have some piercings.  Our face to face was in Vegas of course so, you know, drinks.  What I’m trying to say is that in spite of looking like an ex-convict, he’s absolutely delicious.  He looks like the sexy Hollywood Movie Star version of an ex-convict, which makes sense considering he is from there.
Not actually Joe or his tattoos, but similar

A Handsome and Charming Celebrity Chef

Not only is this Joe a handsome fellow, but he was also decidedly charming the whole week I spent with him, and in our brief chats since.  Plus, not going to lie, he’s a chef at a gourmet LA celebrity restaurant and that melts me straight to butter.  
This talented man constantly posts mouth-watering delicacies I could not ever afford but desperately want in my mouth.  Oh dear, it’s a bit hot in London today?
His hands are covered with custom tattoos, but you get the drift
His hands are covered with custom tattoos, but you get the drift
Joe also posts photos of his beautifully muscled tattoo-covered arms beside the parade of celebrities that he cooks for.  Sometimes there are also workout photos, because of course he’s super fit.
Personally having seen him in a hot tub (just in a friendly capacity): Yes to that.  A thousand times yes.  Unfortunately he’s always dating some waifish platinum-tressed model or actress, as you do in Hollywood.
This could be us but you playin’, Hollywood
He is, in other words, incredibly out of my league, not to mention post code.

He Was Sweet, I’m Just Suspicious

We chatted for a bit and all in all I was blushing the entire time.  At the end he said he thought I was the bees knees. 🙂 He said that too, bees knees, with a smiley face.  Bit weird, grown men and smiley faces, but I’ll take it.
Isn’t that nice, though?  To think someone has a crush on you… that you’ve had a secret admirer all this time.  I never thought I’d hear those words again since my teen years ended.  Certainly not from Hollywood-Tattoo-Model-Chef Joe, as I describe him in passing.  
Not that I’ve gossiped endlessly about him ever, or drunkenly messaged him something absolutely embarrassing that I had to describe in detail to all of my girl friends later.  
This only happens in my drunken dreams

A Sexy Man, Sadly in Another Country

Sadly, the gesture is a bit hollow since Joe lives in sunny, beautiful LA and I am currently in the ‘greater London environs’.  At least someone out there was thinking of me today.
Now that I’m a mummy I have pretty much accepted that dating is a dark black hole, and lonliness is far superior to the torture of it all.  But somewhere deep inside is a bit of a romantic, and I still soldier on regardless, amassing new horror stories of dating as a single mum to serve as a cautionary tale if nothing else.
I know it’s just an exercise in futility, but I’ve been secretly plotting all day what to message him tonight.  Yes, judge my reckless abandonment of wit, I’ll wait.

Do You Have a Crush?

Alright, help me out here my loves, tell me all about your current crushes in the comments section.  Is he or she a total babe, and what would you do in my situation?  How does one respond when a foreign hottie confesses they have a crush on you?  Should I be strong or surrender to temptation?

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The Grum Mum is a solidly Single Mum plodding through the Greater London Environs, dishing out dirt on her dire dating life, amassing tales of womanly woe, and relating the terrors of motherhood.  By day ‘Grumhilda’ is a cheery Beauty Blogger of some repute, but when nightfall comes to pass, she transforms with the power of wine into something Grim, Glum, and More Fun: The Grum Mum.

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  • I’ve had crushes all my life. My first crush was my longest. I wasn’t even in high school yet. It finally diminished in my college years . Even now, into my golden years I still smile. What is it about bad boys that gets out pulses racing
    But my last crush…. literally breathtaking
    I was right back there in high school, highs, lows- a roller coaster of emotions I had forgotten. I don’t know about you but it sure made me act like an idiot. At one point the feelings were mutual, but eventually I got my heart broken. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world.
    Some people may think I made bad choices. I felt I was given a chance to make may dreams come true, there was the golden ring and this time I was going for it. I missed the ring but I have the memory of a lifetime.,and I know in my heart someone felt the same

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