An Open Letter to Channon Rose on Influencer Business Strategy, Taking Break from YouTube, and Haters

An Open Letter to Channon Rose on Influencer Business Strategy, Taking Break from YouTube, and Haters

A Letter to Channon Rose on Influencer Business Strategy


Channon Rose recently posted a video announcing that she would be taking a short break from YouTube.  This is generally related to the Adpocalypse which saw advertising rates on the platform slashed, huge swathes of videos completely demonetized, and many creators struggling to make an income to support themselves. 



Channon was subject to a wave of hate and backlash after starting a Patreon, which is a service like Twitch that allows fans to subscribe to creators and support them with a monthly donation in exchange for extra content and special extras.  In response to the hate and other issues, Channon is now taking a break from YouTube and like many popular influencers, is in a state of limbo because of the poor business practices of Google and a reliance on video ad revenue.


Dear Channon, This Is How to Properly Monetize Your Influence


Those people hating and complaining are not your supporters, period, so don’t think they are. Fairweather friends or fans aren’t worth wasting your time on. I’d say the state of YouTube more than anything else is the reason for all the unsubs and low view counts, and it’s happening across the board to almost everyone.


My advice as a social influencer analyst is to focus your professional efforts on 1. a website and 2. Instagram.


These platforms pay much better for much less work (one snapshot on Instagram vs an edited video on YouTube).  Influencers can get the same or higher payouts on Instagram from sponsors and paid posts.  Instagram engagement is easier to achieve and growth, if you focus on posting high-quality photos every day, is currently much more fluid than YouTube.  

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Your website, however, should be your central focus.  You need a redesigned, simple to navigate, bomb website with an updated blog section.  This is the place for all your news, to host all your old videos, to flaunt subscription boxes, provide patreon links (if you still use it, which is a rip off), and to keep everything in one place. 


Also, well placed ADVERTISEMENTS on your website, will bring you much more income than any ad revenue from Google.  You can hire a company that will specifically work with you just on advertising options once you reach your level of viewers, and they arrange everything for a percentage. 



Sponsored posts are separate, but also hugely important.  You can sell sponsored blog posts for double YouTube videos and the traffic requirements are a FRACTION of YouTube viewer rates.  Posts are easier and faster to compose than videos as they usually only require a few photos, or you could just make a video for an entire post.


Host all your videos on your own site and you can create whatever you want, no rules, like Patreon but without the negative connotation.  People don’t want to pay for anything, but they are happy to buy on your recommendation.  Make the current patreon content instead for your website, and don’t charge for it.


Rely on donations, ads, and affiliate links to all the products you use, wear, mention, or see. If someone wants to watch an old video, they can do it through your site and you make ad money, also helps you with affiliate advertising.

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You can specifically focus on creating blog or Instagram posts for sponsors, instead of time intensive videos.  This will also keep your YouTube free of ‘spammy’ content and constant advertising which viewers are getting sick of seeing.


Whenever you have a new website-only video, make a teaser video that you post on YouTube and you will get huge conversion to it still. Also, fire your pathetic excuse for a manager or talent agent or whoever is not producing your business properly, and consider someone reputable that gets results like Gleam Futures.


Make YouTube your passion project again, once you learn to really change your income stream so YouTube doesn’t factor in, you will be much more at peace, much happier, and more centered.



Make the content for yourself to look back on, make the content you want your grandkids to see and remember you by once you’re gone, and STOP READING HATE COMMENTS.


There is nothing constructive in the criticism there, there is no constructive criticism you need to hear about yourself, your personality, or your creativity, because you are a beautiful and perfect being struggling to shine light into a dark universe.


You have all my love, and all my support.

Emme Chatterton

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