Oldest Cigarettes Ever Smoked Are 75 Years Old From World War II : Captured on Film

Oldest Cigarettes Ever Smoked Are 75 Years Old From World War II : Captured on Film

Watch the Oldest Cigarettes Ever Smoked On Film


Did you ever wonder what would happen if you smoked the oldest surviving cigarettes in the world?  One group of Youtube video makers, known as Battle Tested Reviews, had this very question as they embarked on a mission to find and smoke the oldest cigarettes ever captured on film.  


The review channel unboxed and filmed the smoking of 75 year old  Lucky Strike cigarettes from the beginning of World War II, making them the oldest cigarettes ever smoked on film.  You can read more about the cigarettes and Battle Tested Reviews on their blog post.



YouTube is no end of interesting and impressive video content, and this vintage cigarette video from Battle Tested Reviews is one such gem.  This video shows a row of veterans and history buffs from the Battle Tested Reviews website and Youtube channel carefully and respectfully unboxing and then smoking the oldest cigarettes ever smoked on camera.  The cigarettes are 75 years old and marked with a 1942 tax stamp, placing them from near the beginning of World War II.


Treasure Hunting Antique Cigarettes on eBay


These government-issued cigarette cartons were intended to be part of an American solider’s rations kit and only a few packs have survived. Very few of those packs are in pristine condition, but Battle Tested Reviews found one that was.  They have another video showing the historic cigarette carton arriving and being unboxed for the first time, as well as discussing how they found the gem on eBay.

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This antique carton was meticulously preserved due to the methods employed at the time. This included sealing the cardboard carton of cigarettes in heavy wax paper, then wrapping each individual box in cellophane.  Fellow smoking enthusiasts or historic cigarette collectors are out of luck, however, as eBay no longer allows sales of cigarettes, even vintage ones.  Battle Tested Reviews has yet to respond to dozens of queries in the comments on whether they are willing to sell any of the World War 2 collectibles.


75 Year Old Lucky Strikes were Still Fresh


Battle Tested Reviews were positive about the experience, stating “It was an honor and a joy to enjoy these mint condition vintage Lucky Strike cigarettes, they are the same ones given out in ration kits that our grandfathers smoked when they served in the war. Smoking them gave us a taste of what it was like in those days.”


The Youtube review channel went on to add, ” These 1942 Lucky Strike cigarettes pack quite a punch, they don’t contain the same chemicals or filters as modern cigarettes. Let’s be clear – they are not good for you.  Watch through to the end of the video and you’ll see what we mean.”  The video then goes on to show the men coughing and discussing how potent and fresh-tasting the cigarettes are, even after almost a century in storage.


The Battle Tested Review team went on to say, “We don’t recommend trying vintage cigarettes at home, or smoking tobacco cigarettes at all. However, this was a once in a lifetime experience, a chance to walk a mile in our grandfather’s shoes, or at least smoke a butt in their memory. “

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Feeling Lucky?


Show your support of vintage cigarettes with this t-shirt from Amazon that Battle Tested Reviews recommended and get inspired to try some once in a lifetime experiences for yourself, ones that hopefully do not include a danger of lung cancer.  We also found this Mad Men style metal sign if you’re in a Lucky mood.  So far there are no Battle Tested Reviews shirts, but they say they will have some for sale soon, we will update when available.



What do You Think?


What do you think of the oldest cigarettes ever smoked on film?  Was it a cool tribute to Lucky Strikes and the veterans of World War II, or was it just a bad idea?


Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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