‘Packing For A Night in Paris…’ Travel Shopping Adventure With Dame Mimi

A Night in Paris…

A Shopping Adventure with Dame Mimi


Once upon a night in Paris, there I found myself, at least in my imagination.  In reality, I stand beside a heap of clothing, articles strewn hither and tither looking like a burgler recently had his way with my boudoir.  Packing is not my strong suit… even when it’s for a jaunt to Paris.  A little idea crept into my head, like a naughty devil whispering in my ear…


“Just buy everything once you get to Paris… you only live once!”


Of course that’s just silly… I mean who has time to do that much shopping?  I managed to unearth a black satin gown I wore once to a wedding (let’s just say the color matched the mood of the occasion).  It didn’t have the best memories attached, but darling, maybe we can do something about that in the City of Lights!


 “I need a black parasol to match my black satin dress,” I think to myself, “and the matching shoes, maybe with a little sparkle?”  Well, it’s off to browse through some online shopping that my granddaughter set up for me.  She has a little shop where I can go through a catalogue that she personalizes with her best recommendations, and she is much more fashionable than I.



Who can choose heels for Paris at the last moment, though?


Certainly, not I.  That was a bust… but heaven forbid I go back to that pile of packing.  Let’s have a little chat instead!  Guess why I’m going to Paris this time, though?  I’ll give you a sparkly little hint…



Shopping For a New Watch (& Man)


I’m actually jetting out for a bit of shopping.  I’m in the market for a new watch.  My last one sadly fell into the sea… it was a riotous evening and involved a very dear old friend of mine whose name I hope you understand I’ll omit.

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I will give a wink to the winds and let you know he is quite a handsome man, though, and let your imagination run from there.  He can also be quite impulsive, and is given to fits of ballroom dance in the oddest places.



Do be a darling and help me select a new dress watch… keep in mind that summer approaches! Also, price is no object. My dear old friend is, shall we say, not burdened by the earthly constraints of finance like some mere mortals, such as I in my dotage. 


A Watery Grave for my Cartier Watch


My old watch was that sparkly Cartier number that back in the day used to get calls of ‘James Bond Girl’ at the casinos.  It was nostalgic, but well, it wasn’t truly that extravagant.   Let’s not tell him that, though, he’s having too much fun at the idea of replacing it.  Much more fun than I am having at the idea of packing for this whole adventure!




I’m simply having fun imagining the comforts of Paris from the lap of luxury, and let me tell you – this is the only way to travel.  With a gentleman friend, I mean, not just staying in fancy places.  It’s nice to be able to share a bit of time and old memories with someone who can appreciate your jokes.  It goes a long way to have grown up on the same ‘golden oldies’.


He also appreciates my need for fine jewelry.



Speaking of a love for ‘golden oldies’, he and I share a passion in that department.  In my youth I had such a grudge against accepting gifts from friends and admirers alike… but life is just too short!  If you love it, if it sparkles, if it is given in the spirit of kindness and good will… accept it!  It helps, of course, if you’re comfortable with beautiful things.

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Personally, I’m a bit obsessed with earrings.  The bigger the better.


These sparklers might be a bit too much for this trip though, I don’t want to compete with the chandeliers of the grand restaurants in which we will be dining.  Perhaps something more subtle, along with an elegant black purse to match the satin gown…




I’ve always found that life experiences are worth the loss of a little treasure, and will bring you much more joy in the long run.  I’m certainly having the time of my life plotting what to wear on my shopping jaunt!  Not to mention the sheer bliss of putting off packing, that’s been worth it’s own weight in gold.  I think the time has come, sadly.



Paris is Beckoning me Forth


The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is calling my name.  ‘Mimi, Mimi, Mimi,’ whisper the streets and the magical shops, looming great in my memory as if they were grand ladies recalled from the fêtes of my youth.  I can’t wait to rush into their matronly embraces and delight and the sparkling jewels contained therein, clutched close to the bosom of Paris.



Before ANY of that, of course – a lady has got to put on her face.


I sigh at the thought of the chore, make-up can sometimes be fun… but at my age it’s usually a long, hard-fought burden that gets heavier with each full-face application.  I recently had to rejuvenate my makeup collection – that’s a fancy way for saying my granddaughter threw out almost everything I owned claiming it was ‘too old’ or ‘drag queen’.  On the bright side, the options on the market these days are quite unbelievable. 

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Also… brilliant new secret, straight from my darling grand daughter!  Apparently, SPARKLES are in this season in a big way.  Bear with me darling, because sparkles hide flaws like you would not believe.  I cover myself in it, douse myself really.  If you watched that incredible documentary on the late, great Carrie Fisher, you can see that dear girl took a page from my book – she made her own glitters out of MAC pigments and poured them over herself like fairy dust before leaving home.


That is LIVING, girls!


Now, I better be off to do just that.  I’ll write soon, hopefully with something sparkling and heavy with the gravitas of lavish expense dangling from my wrist.


Bisoux from Paris… xoxo Mimi



What Do You Think?


Did you enjoy reading about Mimi’s preparations for her upcoming trip to Paris?  Leave a message for Mimi in the comments, and we’ll let her know what you’d pick for yourself or have her select from her ‘gentleman friend’!


UPDATE: Find out what happened next on Mimi’s romantic date in Paris!


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  1. omg I wish I have money to purchase everything here! so beautiful! maybe you can suggest howmuch you should need to bring in Paris to survive and have fun thanks

  2. PS do not pack. I have a surprise for you. I have found the most darling treasure. We shall be her blank canvases for she is a true artiste. You will adore her.

  3. DearestMimi and Angel,
    Feeling blue. Time for another tea party. You both know where.

  4. Darling Mimi, I am just green with envy, another new paramour. Do drop by the studio when you are done at Cartier. I have found something you will adore. Found it in a tiny shop on my last jaunt with Alphonso.

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