Mermaid Shimmer Playsuits To Shine In On Land

Mermaid Shimmer Playsuits To Shine In On Land

Sparkle Like the Sea in a Mermaid Romper


Channel a siren of the sea in a look that could lure any sailor into the depths… a mermaid shimmer playsuit.  Mimicking the enchanted nautical hues of a mermaid’s tail, these sparkling and shimmering one piece outfits turn heads on the boardwalk and break necks at the club.


The trends of metallic textiles and fairytale themed enchantment carry forward into this year’s high-end designer fashion outlook in a big way.  While using the two in conjunction are hallmarks of luxury products and perennial favorites among designers, we’re seeing a lot of pieces at very low price points with a look as chic as haute couture.


Dark colors shimmer like the deep waters of the ocean and give a sophisticated twist to the playsuit look. The elegance of these rompers provides an interesting juxtaposition to their casual style, which is what makes this look so compelling.  Even if you aren’t channeling a mermaid with these luxury jumpsuits, you can still make an elegant and chic fashion statement.


You can look deliriously extravagant for less than thirty dollars wearing one of these mermaid-inspired rompers.  If you’re going out on a limb to try something vastly different, you might want to try something less expensive to start out with.  On the other hand, the fit and shape of higher priced garments is often, though not always, much nicer and figure flattering.


Shimmer like a mermaid, hold court like a queen.  Glamorous playsuits in shades of blue and green, with metallic blacks and silver all capture the light like the scales of a mermaid’s fin through murky waters.  You can add accessories to keep the look accessible even during colder weather though, by selecting a long sleeve and wearing a pair of hose or leggings beneath.

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The style of these short jumpsuits makes you the center of attention if you dare to rock this look and embrace your inner mermaid.  Show off your pins on dry land or by the sea in one of these sparkling designer jumpsuits inspired by the shimmer of the ocean depths and the mysterious mermaids who may live within.

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Do you love the look of mermaid inspired shimmering rompers?  Comment below if you are daring enough to try it yourself, or if it’s a trend you’re happy to skip!

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