Melania Trump Shines as First Lady in Magenta at 60th Annual Red Cross Ball

Melania Trump Shines as First Lady in Magenta at 60th Annual Red Cross Ball

Melania Trump attended the 60th Annual American Red Cross Ball in Mar-a-Lago with her husband, United States President Donald Trump on the 4th of February, 2017.  The First Lady turned heads in a glamorous magenta sheath dress that was cut to perfection revealing her svelte figure.  The annual charity gala celebrating the Red Cross has been hosted several times by the Trump couple, but this year marks the first occasion it is hosted by the American First Family.



The President stood beside First Lady Melania as they prepared to make their way into the glittering event, which celebrates the achievements of the Red Cross in providing aid and healthcare to those affected by war and crisis.  The annual gala has been hosted by the Trump family for many years in the past, and has taken place at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida multiple times.



As the First Lady and President Donald Trump stood in the line to enter the party, side by side with dashing military figures in full regalia and elegantly dressed society matrons in long gowns and tiaras, protests were held outside.



The thousands of people were gathered to protest the policies of the new administration led by President Trump in Washington D.C., and not the humanitarian mission of the American Red Cross which was the purpose of the evening’s festivities.



Mar-a-Lago is a resort estate owned by Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida, and has been the seat of the Red Cross Ball multiple times over the years, with President Trump and First Lady Melania hosting the prestigious charity dance several times.

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The President commented to the press briefly about politics, responding to a query about the judicial order to halt his unpopular ‘travel ban’ against seven predominantly Muslim nations.  Donald Trump stated the judicial order would be overturned, in his estimation, because doing so was necessary to protect the American people.



Melania Trump has not been spared criticism in her tenure as First Lady, largely due to the highly tense, politically-divided state of the America following last year’s election.  The controversial election capped off a year of intense civil unrest, terrorist attacks, and racial violence across the United States and the world, with many turning to political figures such as the Trump, Obama, and Clinton families as scapegoats.



First Lady Melania Trump sparkled in verdant emerald earrings that elevated the look from simply chic to billionaire President’s wife.  One might dare to say, as resplendent as any of the European royalty who also recently attended similar Red Cross fetes across the globe.



Diamond rings of statuesque proportions graced both hands of the First Lady, and rivaled the glittering diamond and emerald earrings that crowned this stunning ensemble.  While wearing a tiara would be out of touch with the current political climate, royal fans and admirers of fine jewelry alike may recall that former first ladies such as Jackie Kennedy wore glittering headpieces on a few occasions, and Melania may follow suite eventually.




The wife of President Trump has responded by quietly undertaking her role out of the spotlight, basing herself in New York City at her home in the Trump Tower until the end of this current school year when she will move with her ten-year-old son to the White House full-time.

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