Lynee’ Monae Brings the Hilarious Truth with her Honest ‘What’s in My Purse 2018’ Video

Lynee’ Monae Brings the Hilarious Truth with her Honest ‘What’s in My Purse 2018’ Video

An Honest What’s In My Purse Video


If you’re sick of the same old ‘What’s in my Purse’ videos, I’ve got the girl for you.  Lynee’ Monee is a comedian and lifestyle Youtuber and her take on the 2018 Look in my Handbag challenge is spot on.  She exposes each item in her handbag and explains why you are going to want one too.



Hilarious But True ‘What’s Inside My Handbag’ 


Watch the video below to see what Lynee’ is really rocking in her purse, and what YOU should be too!  After your done, we’ve rounded up some links to her must-have handbag products for 2018, in case you need some.



Get the Products Every Girl Needs in Her Purse


“Every woman needs a wine glass and some wine in her purse.”  Were truer words ever spoken?  We’ve got your back, and so does Macy’s.  Did you know the famous department store operates a wine cellar and ships right to your door?  Now you do!


Macy's Wine Cellar


Don’t forget those wine glasses though.  For inside a purse or handbag, you really should aim for durable barware, like these new shatterproof, break-proof glasses.  I have just discovered these, so I don’t know how durable they are, so take care if you actually bring them on the go!




Finally, here are some chic black shirts, because these actually are great items to keep in your handbag, tightly rolled to prevent wrinkles.  You never know when you’ll need a spare shirt, and it doubles as a towel in emergencies.


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Even though this was a light-hearted YouTube version of the What is in my Purse challenge, to echo the words of Lynee’ Monae, “Y’all know that was helpful.”  


What Do You Think?


Did you enjoy Lynee’ Monae’s honest and unique take on the ‘What’s in my Purse’ Youtube trend?  Were there any items that you actually found to be useful?  What are the odd or unique staples that are in YOUR purse?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!



If you got a laugh, go like and subscribe to Lynee’ Monae on YouTube, she is hilarious and has just totally revamped her channel, and make sure to leave some love.

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