Luxury Shopping in 1965 at Bergdorf Goodman: Take a Peek into the Past with Lacey and Pearls

Luxury Shopping in 1965 at Bergdorf Goodman: Take a Peek into the Past with Lacey and Pearls

Luxury Shopping in 1965 at Bergdorf Goodman


If you love luxury fashion or the thrill of shopping, I have a treat for you today.  Come take a peek into the past with me, Lacey, as we venture into the world of private department store salons.
Imagine being back in 1965 as an affluent society woman, you live in New York City and it’s a mild early December.  In preparation for the exciting round of holiday balls you’ve been invited to, you decide to upgrade your winter outwear.  
Of course you would need some new furs.  Where do you head?  To Bergdorf Goodman, of course.  Before you leave the comfort of your opulent penthouse, you select a few of your gowns to bring along, and have your hair and makeup done.  


Private Salon Shopping Experience, With Your Pet

Finally onto the shopping experience – a private and luxurious salon, an attentive and charming salesman, and a meticulous seamstress – and of course your precious little companion, a chinese pug named Miss Puffet who waits patiently through your fitting on a green chaise by the window. 





Photographed by Albert Moldvay for National Geographic back in 1964, this eye-catching image spoke volumes to me.  I love the richness of this photograph, it seems like this scene could have taken place today somewhere in New York.  It was released with National Geographic’s archives, and is a treasure in my opinion.


The Bygone Days of Hollywood Era Glamour

This image reminds me of my cherished vintage Hollywood movies, all the glamour and none of the boring realities.  These furs are even beautiful, even though ethically are not something we purchase anymore, except in vintage.  The heroine of the show would flounce around in ritzy salons, wearing frothy gowns and glittering with jewels.
I can’t imagine the beautiful custom-made garments available to this lady shopper.  I’m also curious about the white piece draped over the chair – is it a stole, is it a sleeker coat?  It looks gorgeous as well.  I love little peeks like this into intriguing moments in the lives of others, they are interesting and yet leave so much room for dreaming. 
How many hours have I spent perched in front of the television, engrossed in the glittering Hollywood classics?  This for me evokes all of that bygone luxury, far enough back that we can look with rose colored glasses.  I wish I could go back in time to when life was more elegant and simple, but getting swept away in images like this will have to do.


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What Do You Think of this Photograph?


What does this image of a lavish shopping experience in days gone by say to you?  Do you relate to the moment, have you experienced the luxury of a private shopping trip to a fancy store?  Do you occasionally indulge in a little trip to Bergies yourself, or is that too extra for your taste?  Tell me what you think in the comments below!


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