The Best Luggage Sets that are Feminine & Pretty for Instagram-Worthy Summer Travel

The Best Luggage Sets that are Feminine & Pretty for Instagram-Worthy Summer Travel

 Feminine and Pretty Luggage Sets for Summer Travel


Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like I’m always looking for luggage.  No matter where I’m going I never have enough, it never matches, and inevitably a wheel is missing somewhere.  I’m completely sick of it!  So, my brilliant solution is this: I’ve taken to buying luggage in sets.


Rather than just replacing one piece of luggage when it goes bad, I invest in a new complete set.  This may seem overkill, but actually works out wonderfully, because damage is not the only way to lose a suitcase.  I probably have ‘given away’ several sets worth of luggage to my dear family and friends over the years, due to ‘borrowing’.  Then, when I need my set of course something is missing, and it’s always the last minute.  Finally, I smartened up and learned what a great gift luggage makes, both for them and for myself!


Luggage Sets Makes a Great Gift Everyone Needs!


There are many reasons you might be looking for luggage, as a travel essential for business or vacationing with some delicious hot pot.  Maybe it’s a girls’ weekend to the Azure Coast or you have to present to the United Nations.  Maybe you just want a gift for someone else who desperately needs a replacement for their worn out bags, because you’re nice.  Either way, it can be very difficult to find feminine pieces.  


Finding a matching luggage set that is pretty and doesn’t embarrass you to be seen with can be hard.  Finding one that maybe even hints at your personality and style… this can become a nearly impossible challenge!  Fashion and the world of luggage is skewed to the high-end, high-priced items that we all drool over.  A complete set of Louis Vuitton can set you back enough to buy a car.  If you can afford that, you don’t need to have style, you can just buy it.  This guide is for everyone else.

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Fashionable Luggage Favorites from a Travel Addict


Never fear, Lacey is here, and I’ve got a few great buying guide style recommendations of pretty, feminine luggage sets that you’ll be proud to be seen with, and make you look good in your travel pics and social media!  No one wants to be caught red handed with a raggedy old suitcase… it’s not cute or professional.  Just as bad is a set of matronly, stuffy old luggage that your grandmother or the Queen might be pleased to pose beside.  That simply won’t do for one’s Instagram, though!


Not to mention, if you hang onto old luggage until the bitter end and the bag wears out…. everything precious you have inside it is going to get lost or ruined.   That little scratch on your soft-sided case could gape into a slit through which your jewelry bag could fall.   Better safe, and fashionable, than sorry!


luxury luggage feminine

Without further ado, the first set I’d like to suggest is by Diane Furstenberg and is named the Saluti Hardside Three Piece Set.  I think this set is so adorable, I love the vintage inspiration and details, and I have to admit I’m totally in love with the color… it reminds me of Tiffany blue.  It feels very Mad Men, but is also very trendy and sure to gather you some compliments.  


Fully spinning wheels and expanding handles are very modern touches, and the largest case fits within airline limits. These cases are not expandable, so this set is better if you tend to travel on the lighter side.   If you don’t love the blue and brown, they have several other colors, all featuring the same adorable vintage details!

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Can you believe how gorgeous the IT Luggage Hunting Tiger Three-Piece Hardside Luggage Set is?  Talk about timeless elegance and beautiful craftsmanship… this set is for the world-travelling woman or the global adventuress.  For me it hearkens back to the times when grand Ladies would travel with entertaining and personal female companions, and spend their days exploring the world and doing what they please, something we can all take inspiration from.  These cases are of course durable, lightweight, and are even expandable, and would make an excellent gift for a man as well.



The next set is a little bit more subtle and is a soft-sided option, by designer Anne Klein, known as the Port Four Piece Set.  This set also features a satchel which I find always come in handy.  Some people prefer the feeling of the soft bags, and I find they offer almost as much protection and are lighter than the hard sided cases.  For clothes, you can’t really beat this.  


Also, I love the navy and brown details… this set has business chic written all over it.  I love when a piece can be both feminine and sophisticated, this is the set for the lady who gets taken seriously.  This set is elegant, of excellent quality, and features an attractive lion motif so you’ll always know which set is yours.



Purple and violet colors are always trendy, no matter what season, but there is something uplifting about these colors in the winter and spring months, it injects a bit of happiness into a dull time of a year.  Why be boring?  I think the color of these Anne Klein Fast Lane pieces is amazing, but it even comes in bright pink if that is what you prefer.  These hard-sided cases are durable and easy to wheel, making your travel experience a breeze.

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If you’re looking for something more fun, let me point out the Viaggi Hardside Spinner Three Piece Set in Hot Pink.  It has spinners that glide through airports and over pavement, is made from an armor-tech exterior shell, is lightweight and scratch resistant with a carbon fiber flex outer coating.  This is the set for someone who wants to keep their stuff locked up tight and in tact, no matter where they are going.  


The bright, vibrant pink just makes me happy and can really brighten up a journey.  Viaggi makes this case in several really nice colors, so you have your pick.  When you’re exhausted in an airport and looking at case after case that looks the same, trying to find yours before it gets robbed… having an eye-catching color and unique shape like the Viaggi Spinner case can be a life saver.


Which Piece is Your Favorite?


I hope I have inspired you with some ideas for feminine, pretty, and practical luggage sets for the travelling girls and women who are looking forward to many adventures, holidays, and vacations in the new year.  Leave a comment and let me know what kind of luggage you are obsessed with!


With Love and Luggage, Lacey


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