Liam Payne is SINGLE AGAIN and Lacey Chambers is Back to Claim Her Throne at Paper Duchesses

Liam Payne is SINGLE AGAIN and Lacey Chambers is Back to Claim Her Throne at Paper Duchesses


Liam Payne is Single and I’ve Come Back to Life


Joyous July to all of my Darling Pearls and Precious Duchesses, Lacey Chambers has arrived along with tidings that bring me great personal joy. 



If you’ve followed along since the dawn of Lacey and Pearls, or even over a year, you will remember that Liam Payne has been my one and only true love since the very first days of One Direction.  I was a lovestruck teen blogger, and he was the handsomest and most soulful boy I’d ever paid to meet backstage (many times over the years).  While the other lads of 1D are great and so nice in person, my devotional crush to Liam never faded, even after I grew out of flying to European concerts to get VIP tickets.


While we met several times and exchanged broody looks of everlasting affection, Liam and I never had our moment in the sun as a true couple.  I was married, briefly and too young, and he dated a few uninspiring girls.  It seemed we were destined to love from afar, and I made do by blogging very occasionally and tastefully about my obsession. 



Liam Payne’s Sad Relationship Has Ended


You may also have heard Liam Payne was married some time ago, which has sadly for everyone involved, (except me) now come to an end after months of trying to work it out for the sake of their son, Bear.  Moment of silence, observed.


Here is the news, straight from the source:

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Break Up Statements Posted Online


The couple posted nearly identical statements at the same time, showing a unified front and desire to remain responsible and civil co-parents to their little boy.  Of course we wish them the best, but we know Liam is the most amazing man alive and best father and will make it work.  So, that’s the end of it and we can all move on with our lives and see what the future holds.  



Stay tuned for the next post, which will be a devotional to all of my favorite Liam Payne portraits of the past year and a half – the quality content I know you all long for from Lacey & Pearls.  Sending you all the abundance of love that is exploding from my heart this week!


 What Do You Think?


While I understand there may be no one AS excited as me for this news, what are your feelings on the split?  Were you ever a fan of One Direction or Liam Payne, or wonderful British soul pop in general?  Are you ready for a massive influx of Liam related sexy images to inspire your days and give life to your nights?  Leave some love in the comments, and Stay tuned, Lacey is on a roll!

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