This Is What’s Inside a Seaside Lavender and Violet Palace in Santorini, Greece

This Is What’s Inside a Seaside Lavender and Violet Palace in Santorini, Greece

Peek Inside a Lavender and Violet Palace in Santorini


A soft photograph for a sunset without rival, seen from inside a white-walled building on the Greek isle of Santorini.  Have you ever imagined what the inside of those fantastical white buildings, built long ago onto the hillside cliffs overlooking the sea? Photographer Charly W. Karl takes us inside the secret world with his breathtaking images of the interior of one of these dwellings.




Santorini is a remarkable island known for it’s white lime-washed buildings and beautiful ocean blue accents that reflect the sea below.






With incredible views out to the sea far below, a private walled stairway up to the building and a cavernous interior that feels both comforting and otherworldly.





While the sleeping spaces seem small and cozy, you can see how large the living chamber is, and what exotic accents they employ, such as a bare rock accent and a living tree.






It’s not just the inside of this beautiful Santorini building that is remarkable, the exterior is equally breathtaking!  Imagine walking up these romantic stone stairs, perhaps holding the hand of an attractive, passionate local?




Winding down those steps will take you to the pools, of course, because what incredible destination would be complete without them?




Built into caverns in the soft volcanic pumice of the island, it’s easy to create magical spaces like indoor pools.




Not every building on the island looks like this inside, but all are mysterious and charming in their own ways.  

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Stones from the sea and the volcano add support and structure to these caverns, and create fairytale palaces in the cliffs of Santorini.




This lavender and violet palace has to be one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen in Greece.  I’ve found out it is actually a spa, and guess who is about to book a trip!




I’ll leave you with a final image of Santorini in the fog, how magical and beautiful of a destination is this?




A palace fit for any number of queens, don’t you agree?  Perhaps even a Paper Duchesses retreat!


What Do You Think?


Does the inside of one of Santorini’s famous white-washed buildings surprise you?  Do you like the incredibly unique style of architecture, or do you find it disconcerting, too sparse, or just not to your taste?  Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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