Lacey Loves: My Favorite Luxury Designer Handbags & Purses for June

Lacey Loves: My Favorite Luxury Designer Handbags & Purses for June


Lacey’s Favorite Spring Luxury Handbags


Lately it seems the sun is shining one minute and it’s raining the next, but that’s what late spring is all about.  It’s also about gorgeous products that fill these sometimes dreary days with visions of long, summery shopping days ahead.  I’ve been fantasizing about what beautiful handbags I want to save up for and the ones I could never afford, so come with me on a journey through my springtime luxury & designer favorites for June!


Beautiful Bags are a Springtime Staple


In a world where the weather can often be drab and it’s a little too chilly to be daring in what your wearing, handbags are a saving grace.  Spring can be wet, rainy and depressing, but a beautiful bag can brighten up any day!  Here are a few I’m lusting over at the moment.


Birkin Bags by Hermès are Beyond!


But first, adjust your tiaras.  Look at this gorgeous and especially fancy Birkin bag that no one except my grandmother could afford:

Hermès Ghillies Birkin 30

It’s eye-wateringly expensive- I mean beautiful, don’t you agree?  It begs to be draped over a woolly white coat sleeve on a stroll in early Spring by the Seine… likely on one’s way to buy another Birkin by private appointment at the Hermès salon.  It’s how I plan to spend every April Saturday in my seventies.  


It even sounds divinely fancy, the “Gris Perle Evercolor and Gris Caillou Doblis suede Hermès Ghillies Birkin.”  If you have $25,000 lying around, this beauty could be your forever love – but please send me pictures!  I’m obsessed with everything grey, I mean ‘gris’.

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Now, if you have a cool 50 grand to spare, let’s talk about a deep blush rose purse crafted from the skins of alligators:


Hermès Matte Alligator Birkin 40

If you want the specifics, this beauty is the Boise de Rose Matte Alligator Hermès Birkin 40 with palladium-plated hardware, dual rolled top handles, protective feet at base, accordion side gussets with belt accent, tonal Chevre leather lining, dual interior pockets, zip closure and turn-lock closure at front flap.  It’s extra in the most upper class French way possible.



If you think I’ve matured past buying items that look like fun toys… you are wrong.  Check out this absolutely adorable Orange H Gulliver leather Hermès Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag with palladium-plated hardware, stamped logo under front flap, tonal stitching, movable appendages, facial feature appliqué at exterior, single top handle, tonal leather lining and turn-lock closure at front flap:


Hermès Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag


Cutest little guy you’ve seen in a minute, am I right?  Look at those eyes!  The little arms!  If you cannot appreciate the majestic craftsmanship and utter whimsy that went in to this design, well girl I can’t help you.  I love it though.  Did I mention my birthday is on the 7th of every month?  


Let’s end my handbag obsession of the month with a rainbow of blue Birkins… because rain and blue skies!


 Hermès Epsom Candy Birkin 35 Hermès 2014 Epsom Birkin 35   Hermès Chevre Mysore Birkin 30 Hermès 2014 Clemence Birkin 30  Hermès Two Tone Candy Birkin 30 


Imagine how gorgeous a display of rainbow Birkins would be?  Now I’m off to search Pinterest for such a thing… if it exists, someone must have posted it!  Well I didn’t find the closet rainbow shot I wanted, but I did find the Kardashians carrying pretty much every blue color I posted, so I imagine they do in fact, have a rainbow Birkin display somewhere, I just know it.

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Going Gaga over Gucci Bags


Moving on to other styles of handbag, because two of my friends just bought the most extravagant pink embellished purses from Gucci and I’m more than a little jealous.  It’s alright, there are plenty of other styles I’m enjoying.




I love the color combinations of the red and blue as contrasting elements.  It is just so… je ne sais quoi!



What Do You Think?


I hope you had as much fun browsing through my June handbag favorites as I did compiling them for you!  Did anything stand out to you as beautiful or something you just have to have for spring and summer?  Anything that’s going on your wishlist? I love shopping for luxury and beauty products so tell me all your dream items in the comments below and maybe I’ll feature them in my next post!

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