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Lacey and Pearls, Daily Blog

Hello Darling Pearls!

I hope you are having a fabulous morning.  I admit, I am still lying abed in my angel-feathers and white chiffon night gown – cue the images of a 1940s Hollywood siren in her dressing chamber, but with a giant tablet and also a giant phone.  Also, of course there is no need for a hand mirror when we have selfies, and my angel feathers are ethically sourced from non-animal products and cruelty-free, unlike the outdated trend to wear the actual fur and bodies of animals that was popular early last century.


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Jean Harlow, vixen of the silver screen, in the bed chamber.

I digress though, as usual!  As I lay innocently lounging, (looking like such a mess I’m sure!) scrolling through my online life, it got so wet and wild in my bed that had to just stop.  put it all on pause.  and take a little break.  But I knew I had to pull it together and blog immediately about my Instagram feed because it is seriously FIRE and I can’t even handle life right now.  I knew my Pearls would understand, (and in case you are not following the right Instagrammers… list is coming SO SOON)… but, here are gifts the day has brought us!

In advance, you might want to put down that hot beverage, or make sure to swallow whatever you might be eating right before you get to number two, which was actually  the number one thing I opened my feed to.  Maybe I dropped my phone and maybe I screamed out some citrus spa water, or snorted it, I’m not too proud when it comes to this kind of thing.  Then, by the time I finished extracting myself from the ice and mess and made it into my chaise, another neat Instagram popped up… so that’s first.  Also… suspense, ladies!  I explain all this because people will and always do ask.

A photo posted by WUNDROUS LONDON (@wundrouslondon) on

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First we have this lovely and probably highly artistic underground shot which takes me right back to London… and reminds me I need to plan another trip!  I’ve been in a really weird place lately… and I mean that literally, not emotionally or something… and I would like to get back to a normal, beautiful place like London Town.

Long and successful day finally home to relax

A photo posted by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on

And then this happened… actually this happened and then I spilled my drink and died and was reborn because OMG those eyes! Am I right, ladies? I mean, what a sight to wake up to!  I’ve been so distracted from my undying Liam love lately, but this Instagram snapped me right back into it and I can’t remember why I ever left those endless pools of feels.

Study the Classics. Write your own rules.🏴 @AustenHellerShoes Photograph by @WilliamEdwardD

A photo posted by Son of Earth and Starry Heaven (@charlesmcbryde) on

Since I had reopened my phone after picking up all the slices of orange and ice cubes, I kept on scrolling after another few moments snuggling with my true love, Liam Payne.  This guy was right behind Liam… almost makes me wish I went to college!

And all that salivating has left me with little rumbles in my little tumbles… so this delicious vegan cupcake right after did me no good! On that note I’m off to find my own delicious breakfast… probably a giant bowl of absolutely gorgeous fruit that I’ll instagram for you lovely Pearls to enjoy on your own feeds!

#ClicquotJourney by the coast Find this week’s Portland events at (2/6) | 📸: @hellomalloryanne

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Then came some total inspiration for tonight and basically the rest of the summer. Wine, the beach, somewhere amazing, and friends who literally aren’t crazy prostitute madams and just want to chill. Just saying.

St Tropez nights Courtesy of @gray125

A photo posted by TheYachtGuy (@theyachtguy) on

Again on the inspiration for tonight… a yacht in St. Tropez… because life, girls. It’s just too short to be stuck in the middle of absolute no where with a bunch of perverts, it really is. You might as well be on the beach with sexy, rich perverts. Note to self… pen next blog from somewhere exotic.

Straight to the goal 💦

A photo posted by Mariano Di Vaio (@marianodivaio) on

Since we started off so strong I figured I’d end today’s post with a little more summer inspiration. This right here is why we should be getting our little buns to the beach! Italian model Mariano Di Vaio has *already been snapped up* by someone else, and the male models aren’t in unlimited supply these days. It is almost the end of August, after all.

Until we meet again, wishing you many delicious days and super hot nights!

All My Love, Lacey


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