Kylie Jenner’s Beautiful Birth Announcement ‘For Our Daughter’ Welcomes New Baby with Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner’s Beautiful Birth Announcement ‘For Our Daughter’ Welcomes New Baby with Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner Gives Birth to Baby Girl


In the first hours of February, 2018 Kylie Jenner gave birth to a healthy baby girl surrounded by family.   Speculation among Kardashian fans and the worldwide media had been rife for nine months: is the youngest daughter of Kris Jenner expecting or not?  Protecting her privacy, health, and mental well-being were paramount for Kylie, 20, who runs a phenomenally successful cosmetics line


Revealing everything in a post yesterday, Kylie withdrew from public life during her pregnancy for these reasons: 



Choosing instead to spend time with Travis Scott, a rapper who performs around the world, relaxation and transformation were the aesthetic of Kylie’s modern confinement.  An hour before the Superbowl 2018 though, the family made the birth public with a beautiful video called, “To Our Daughter,” which chronicled the history of the couple and the pregnancy. 


Kylie’s birth story a tear-jerker, whether or not you care about the Kardashians.


A Daughter’s Birth Story


Produced by the Kardashians and directed by Tyler Ross with music by Jacob Wilkinson-Smith, the piece is intimate and sweet and retains a home movie feel. It’s obviously a fully-funded PR production on a scale only the vastly wealthy Kardashians could orchestrate. Interviews with friends and family are spliced with footage of travels, affection moments between Travis and Kylie, and special celebrations. 


Watch the full video below, and be sure to enjoy in full screen to catch all the details.  Warning, you may need some Kleenex.




Disproving the Conspiracy Theories


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There were a frenzy of conspiracy theories, including that Kylie was secretly the surrogate for older sister Kim Kardashian’s youngest daughter, Chicago who was born weeks ago.  In one sweeping move, with one beautifully composed video retrospective, Kylie laid to rest all the rumors once and for all.  Seen for the very first time ever with the heavily pregnant Kylie is baby Chicago, proving she was not the gestational carrier.


There were lots of rumors that this was just a marketing ploy for Kylie’s make-up line.  However, the family’s sole focus right now is on their privacy and the baby, not launching new lip kits.


Also confirmed were that she is not the carrier for Khloe Kardashian, who is also currently pregnant after a decade long struggle with infertility.  The birth story was a deft combination of media tactics and loving tribute to a future family star.  Oh, and those rumors that Tyga, Kylie’s unemployed ex-boyfriend, were the father?  Very much disproved!



What Do You Think?


What did you think of Kylie and Travis’ birth announcement for their baby daughter?  Does it make you yearn for a luxurious pregnancy like Kylie, or roll your eyes at the publicity of it all?  Let us know in the comments below!

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