New Bundle of Baby Joy for the Saccone-Joly Family of Youtube, Anna Delivers a Darling Girl!

New Bundle of Baby Joy for the Saccone-Joly Family of Youtube, Anna Delivers a Darling Girl!

Baby Girl Saccone-Joly Born Healthy in London


One of the most famous families of YouTube, the Saccone-Jolys, just welcomed a new baby daughter into the world on March 30, 2017.  The exciting and special occasion was captured on their daily video show which chronicles the young Irish family’s everyday life.  As with their previous two children, the SacconeJoly channel was filled with videos about the new arrival in the days leading up to her birth in London at the Portland Hospital.  Read on to experience all the special moments and learn about the story from the beginning!


Who are the Saccone-Jolys?


If you have never met this vlogging family, watch this super quick introduction to who they are and what their channel is about.



An Emotional Loss & Two Pregnancy Stories


March 28th: In the week leading up to the birth, Dad Jonathan Joly has been vlogging baby-related content daily.  The videos begin with this sweet retrospective of the journey the family took to get to this point.  After having two children and deciding to add a third, the couple thought it would be smooth sailing.  Sadly, it wasn’t, but after a tragedy came a new hope.  Watch the pregnancy story below, just click the play button.



Long Labor in the London Maternity Ward


March 29th: This newest little baby was long awaited by her family.  Anna and Jonathan elected to have a quiet and peaceful experience, leaving the children at home with their grandmother and helpers.  Anna delivered her new daughter in a beautiful London hospital.  It was a quiet birth, attended only by Jonathan and their camera, no doulas or midwives, just the occasional nurse and then the doctor who delivered.

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A Bundle of Joy for the Youtube Family


March 30: After a long labor, the new baby is finally here!  The Saccone-Jolys lives are changed forever again in this emotional and sweet birth story.  After the long and quiet labor, Anna delivered their baby girl at 2:27am  The family enjoyed some sweet moments together before moving down to the gorgeous maternity suite at the posh Portland Hospital in London.



Baby Girl Makes Three Siblings


In this sweet video, Eduardo and Emilia finally meet their baby sister for the first time.  You get to tour around the beautiful maternity suite in London’s Portland Hospital and watch as the visitors congratulate Anna and Jonathan on their new arrival.  Watch all the adorable moments and the darling little bundle of joy below!



What Do You Think?


Did you enjoy the pregnancy and birth story of the Saccone-Jolys and their newest baby girl? Are you a fan of the YouTube vloggers, or is it your first time meeting them? What are some of your favorite family vlogs? Tell me in the comments down below!

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