Jake Paul Stole my Underwear in a Panty Raid… and They were La Perla!

Jake Paul Stole my Underwear in a Panty Raid… and They were La Perla!



Lacey’s Lost La Perla Panties


A few years ago I told a story on Lacey and Pearls and for some reason it became really popular.  It involves a lavish La Perla thong and a certain blond-haired, doe-eyed Youtube bad boy. 


Since Youtube golden boy Jake Paul and his old house are back in the news again, I thought it would be a great time to retell this fabulous tale of the time he stole my underwear.  So grab some snacks and prepare to be outraged on my behalf about the time that my La Perla underwear got stolen in a panty raid by Jake Paul and friends.



Mansion Parties and an Expensive Designer Thong


It all started innocently enough.   It was a beautiful, balmy early summer in California and I was in the state staying with friends. It was a fantastic time to be young and going to parties and hanging out at concerts, because the social influencer thing was in full swing and my friends were experiencing a wave of success.  It was good to be a blogger in LA, but the main stars at the time were YouTubers.



Even though I’m not an Instagrammer, we were doing photo shoots galore for my friends accounts and having the time of our lives.  It was like Entourage meets Girl Boss.  Well, one day my friend “Tiff” asked if I wanted to go to a weekend party at her boyfriend’s mansion and stay in the guest house with her, because she thought it was haunted and didn’t want to stay alone.  (Yes, my friend is super into ghosts and that will be a story for another day, what was even crazier was the size of her boyfriend’s house.)


Of course I was down for it, so I packed a bag with my cutest party wear: a few adorable sundresses, several bikinis, and obviously my fanciest underwear which I had just bought in a shopping spree from La Perla in Beverly Hills.  It had been a girl’s day where we all went together for a friend’s bridal shower to pick out matching bridesmaid lingerie, but I couldn’t deny myself a few more gorgeous things.



If you’ve ever been to La Perla, you know it is an experience!  It is lavish, luxurious, and extremely expensive.  This is not underwear you want to wear to the gym – this is nice, sexy, beautiful underwear that you want to be seen in by someone important (or the public, if you live in LA).  So, of course when I was packing, into my bag went this beautiful, brand new, extremely expensive underwear.




Weekend Guest Cottage at a Hollywood Mansion


Fast forward to the weekend.  We arrive and settle into the guest house and immediately go swimming, because the pool is only one small gate away from the guest house and looked so tempting.  We had a great time and then we started getting ready for the party that night.  Since it’s a Friday night and there are going to be “celebrities” at this party, I put on a tight pink mini dress that barely covered the lower curve of my butt.

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Of course I had to wear the perfect thong underneath such a tiny skirt, just in case something showed.  The La Perla set was ready for it’s moment in the sun, or moonlight.  The matching corset bra was encrusted with rhinestones that you could almost see sparkling through my dress, and I felt like a billion dollars.  It was an extra outfit for an extra evening and the party delivered.


Everyone was drinking and having a great time and there were tons of “famous” faces with their crews (not celebrities but social influencers).  There were no well-known actors or big name A-list people that I saw, but there were a lot of YouTubers, models, and Instagrammers.  Oddly enough, it turned out that this mansion was on the same road as Jake Paul‘s house, and he had just moved in so they had invited him to this party.


Is Jake Paul the Actual Devil?


Jake Paul, if you don’t know, is a massive YouTube star with over ten million followers who makes aspirational lifestyle vlogs and records music covers with bad lyrics.  He is mainly known for being good looking yet narcissistically self-serving and generally a poor role model.  I only met him for 2 seconds and he just seemed like any other normal ‘bro’.  His friends were all forgettable as well, but generally they were nice and fun to be around.  Like pool floats.



Jake Paul is a little too young for me, so I didn’t really pay attention when we met… but hey brother Logan, what’s up.  Honestly I was pretty bummed that his big brother wasn’t there, because I do think he is a hottie.  (Note: Since I first wrote this Logan Paul has become even more of a pariah than Jake Paul by using a suicide victim as clickbait and generally being awful.)  Jake Paul had rolled up with all of his crew, which included guys and girls – but the guys were definitely drinking a lot and having more fun.


They Threw Me in the Pool, In La Perla!


Later that night, people started getting crazy with the pool and I might have jumped in of my own free will, according to some reports.  However, I would just like to blame someone else and say that I was thrown in.  Since I’m writing this blog, I can do that.  Whoever was at fault, I realized quickly that I was ruining my beautiful bra and getting my brand new underwear soaking wet.  After I figured out it was a bad idea being soaked in chlorine water in La Perla, I ran to the guest house. 



Slithering out of my dress took 20 minutes and I almost suffocated to death while doing it, but finally I stripped off my beautiful La Perla underwear a bra.  I was worried that they were going to be stained from the chlorine or ruined from the water so I quickly threw on a sundress and took them outside.  There was a little gate between the guest house in the pool so I draped my underwear over them and went back to the party.

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By the time I got back to the party, several other girls and guys had gone fully clothed into the pool and, like me, were getting concerned about their clothes.   So I told the girls to hang up their clothes on the gate next to mine, and I let them change in the bathroom of the guest house.  By the end of 15 minutes there was an entire row of girls clothing and underwear against this walled gate that led from the guest house to the pool. Now that everyone was dry, we all went back to party some more, and forgot all about our wet clothes. 


Panty Raid By Jake Paul and Crew


Here comes the ridiculous part of the story!  Apparently, the party just wasn’t exciting enough for Jake Paul and his friends, so they decide to do a prank.  One of the boys had noticed our wall of underwear and gone back to report to the others. 



“Wouldn’t it be funny if we did a panty raid and put their underwear in a tree or something?” is the phrase that I imagine was uttered by one of these bone-heads.

I don’t know what they were thinking, it probably wasn’t much.  The long story short is, while we were innocently and mindlessly having fun partying in a giant mansion full of semi-famous people, crazy Jake Paul and his friends were outside, creeping up to a stone wall covered in girl’s bras and panties.  Then, in what must have been a rage of hysterical drug-infused laughter, they stole our underwear and left the party.


Yes, that’s right: they took our underwear and left the house where we were, so our underwear was no longer at the same address as us.  Who on earth commits such a ridiculous atrocity?  Who steals the necessary undergarments of over a dozen female people and then LEAVES?! I don’t know if they intended to hide the underwear elsewhere, or make a Easter egg hunt for us to follow, or just try to hold our underwear for ransom.  I think it was pure and utter evil, probably the devil himself, behind it.


Moments after the crime, some girls got a text message saying that if we wanted the underwear back, we were going to have to “earn it”.  Two of the girls were friends with Jake Paul and his crew, so maybe they thought it was cute. I did not, and I was way too drunk to be going anywhere.  Plus, as I have mentioned: we were in a mansion, being treated like sultans, surrounded by fun – who would want to leave?  Volunteers were finally rounded up, two of the girls who knew Jake Paul and two others. 

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Mission to Save My Sexy Underwear from Jake Paul


The girls took off on a mission to go get the underwear, thinking that it was at Jake Paul’s house itself. There was an elaborate capture the flag plan that I could only vaguely pay attention to.  My friend who invited me did not go along either, we were done and we just wanted to go to bed, her boyfriend who owned the mansion was already asleep.  There were promises that we would be texted once the treasure of our underwear was recovered.


If I could turn back time, maybe I would have gone to Jake Paul’s house to retrieve my underwear.  The sad ending is that I never heard from my beautiful rhinestone-encrusted set of lingerie from La Perla, ever again.  I don’t know if one of the girls decided to keep it, or if they never found the underwear stash at all.   Maybe someone, Jake Paul himself, just threw away my underwear in a fit of prankish delight.


What I like to think happened, is that Jake Paul is riddled by guilt about stealing my expensive and gorgeous underwear, even still.  He has kept it all these years and secretly wears the set himself late at night, thinking about all the things he’s done wrong in his life.  La Perla knows.



I did actively try to find out where my underwear went for days, and I was really pissed for a while.  You might know that I’m the kind of person to hold onto a grudge but I quickly realized that my underwear, my beautiful underwear, were gone.  The only thing I could do was honor their memory, so that’s what I decided to do by telling the world their sad tale. 


I hope you will remember the story so their loss will not be in vain.  And if you ever find yourself at a party with Jake Paul… don’t take off your underwear.


Thanks for listening my Beautiful Pearls and Darling Duchesses, and keeping the spirit of my La Perla panties alive.  xoxo Lacey


What do you think?


Do you obsess over La Perla as much as me or do I need to find a new brand of undergarments, what is your favorite place to buy panties?  If you need a refresher or just some rock and roll eye candy after all the drama I just served you, here’s La Perla Fall/Winter 2017 recreating the runway:



That aside, have YOU ever had a crazy run in with a celebrity or been the victim of a panty raid?  If you know who Jake Paul is what do you think of him and his crazy YouTube antics would you party with him? Tell me what you’re thinking in the comments below!


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