Honey in My Hair Works Miracles: Deep Condition with Shea Moisture’s Organic Manuka and Mafura Oil For Glossy Locks!

Honey in My Hair Works Miracles: Deep Condition with Shea Moisture’s Organic Manuka and Mafura Oil For Glossy Locks!

Honey Oil For Dry, Brittle, Damaged & Thin Hair


My hair has been an absolute wreck lately, no matter what I try, and I’ve finally found something to bring it back to life… manuka honey and mafura oil! I was out getting a Starbucks at Target with my sister when she lured me over into the beauty department. Let’s not talk about the ridiculous ELF haul that filled up a shopping cart, but instead focus on this hair masque and shampoo I grabbed on impulse as I ran by the organics section.



The past several months we’ve been transitioning to all organic, natural, plant-based products and I haven’t yet found an all natural shampoo that will do anything to help my severely dry hair. Until this SheaMoisture masque, that is. I tried it tentatively at first, just putting a small slather into my hair as you would a normal after-shampoo conditioner.


Nourish with Healthy Oils

It was amazing! I’ve been having to put oils and lotions in my hair after it dries to try to weigh it down and put back some life in it, but after just a tiny bit of this stuff there was a huge difference and I only needed a small amount of hair lotion. I think the shampoo was the real star here… it is so rich and full of luxurious slip that it felt like a conditioner rather than a cleanser, and absolutely helped put the moisture back in.


The second time I used the mask I slathered it on and really let it marinate. I again used the shampoo, which as a bonus also moisturized my entire body so that I already felt incredibly soft when I put on lotion. I’m in love with the line by this point, and waited eagerly for my hair to dry. I kept waiting, looking in the mirror for the flyaways and poofy frizz to start rising, but it never happened.

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My hair looks like I just got a blow out at the salon and I air dried it… the hair mask set and sealed it so there are literally no fly aways or baby hairs sticking out anywhere. It is glossy and for some reason it’s curled into these amazing loose wavy ringlets as it dried, making it look like I spent hours at it. This stuff is a miracle, and I haven’t even brushed my hair yet!


Thick and Luscious Locks

When I run my hands through it has that nice thickened feeling as if you’ve just put a styling product or lotion in, and it holds shape and sticks together, instead of getting all static and dry as usual. This is perfect for winter hair or anytime, and I’m going to keep using it for the foreseeable future.


After scrolling through the SheaMoisture brand website, however, I’ve discovered they have an actual ton of different products, including a Salon professional line. I’m not sure if the manuka honey and the mafura oil in the formula are causing the magic or if it’s something else, but I’m willing to give their other formulas a shot.


Organic Luxury for a Bargain

Everything was very reasonable, $10-15 for various products and the same as the other drugstore brands. No where near what you’re spending on luxury hair products or on the natural products I was buying at Whole Foods! The brand is available at Target and also they sell a lot of their products on Amazon which I will link below.

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Grab The SheaMoisture Line on Amazon



Organic and Sustainably-Produced


In addition to being great for your hair, they are great for the earth too.  All natural ingredients and cruelty-free certified to not test on animals, which is my number one priority.  There is nothing more disgusting than animal testing or willfully sanctioning the practice by purchasing items made by these corporations.  You can read SheaMoisture’s high ethical standards below.


Less Than $12 for Hair Miracles


What Do You Think?


Have you tried the SheaMoisture brand of products? What are your Holy Grail hair products, especially for dry and lifeless hair? Please leave some recommendations down below!

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