Hot Denim Jeans for Cool Spring Weather: Get Distressed in these Sexy Ripped Levis

Hot Denim Jeans for Cool Spring Weather: Get Distressed in these Sexy Ripped Levis

Hottest Ripped Jeans For Autumn & Back to School


Autumn is almost here which means jeans season is about to be in full swing… and there’s nothing hotter for those crisp fall days and back to school season than destroyed denim.  This year we’ve seen a huge trend towards coveting one particular pair of ripped denim jeans: the classic Levi’s Women’s 721 High Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans.  You can see these jeans all over Instagram already and on glossy fashion bloggers, who we include below for your fashion inspiration. 





Keep reading for five different ways to style this must-have denim jean of the season.  We’ve been on a social media style journey to the center of fall’s trendiest open-knee jeans, and found five different bloggers rocking unique looks.  If you want to snag a pair for yourself just click on any of the links to shop conveniently on Amazon!  You can currently grab these Levi’s 721 Distressed Skinny Jeans for only $88, which is a great price for this reputable brand that will last you for years.  


5 Ways to Style Levi’s Distressed 721 Skinny Jeans


1. Dressy & Chic


Crystalin Marie styles her Levi’s in a classic and chic way with bold blacks and a dressy heel, you can see more styles on her blog.



2. Yacht Club Casual


When you want to stay cool at the yacht club, destroyed jeans look amazing!  Check out The Mommy Couture and her vibrant style that makes a perfect casual glam outfit for boating.

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3. Vampy & Fun


If you love a vampy look. take a page from the The Fashion Fuse‘s book and pair your jeans with a sexy black lace top and dark lips.  The destroyed denim keeps it casual and shows you still have fun side while you smoulder.



4. Bohemian Breezy


Get the breezy off the shoulder style of Girl Meets Gold by pairing the Levi’s 721 skinny jeans with a flowy top and neutral accessories.  This makes a perfect summer-to-fall look!



5. Beach House Babe


Amanda Miller of The Miller Affect pairs her jeans with a ruffled white top and vibrant accessories that capture that beach house vibe.  Seaside garden party, brunch by the beach, or a day with the girls… this is the perfect bright style for your back-to-school jeans.




What Do You Think?


Do you love the wide-open knee style of these Levi’s ripped jeans?  Which of the looks above would you rock with your own pair of Levi’s this fall? 


Also, shout out your favorite brand in the comments below: what is your favorite go-to pair of destroyed denim, or distressed jeans?  

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