Dusting off the Lace and Pearls…

To my Precious Pearls,

Yes, it’s true – I lied.


Dusting off the Lace


I was wrong, pigs are not flying, the sky has not fallen, the earth may be flat… but Lacey and Pearls THE BLOG is coming back for Spring 2016, with all the cobwebs dusted out and skeletons swept under the rug.


Feels good to be home!  You can find my fashion, travel, lifestyle, and personal blog back at it’s original home of LaceyandPearls.com after a several year hiatus, and I hope you’ll enjoy what I’m doing with the place!


I’ll also be working on a new online magazine-style journal of Lifestyle & Fiction coming out in January 2017 called Paper Duchesses.  Yours truly will be the Fashion and Society Editor, of course, and I’ll do my best to keep you up to date on the most interesting and stylish celebrity news.




From Lacey, With Renewed Love and a New Blog


2 thoughts on “Dusting off the Lace and Pearls…

  1. We’re so proud of you darling! Keep up the good work we’ll be back soon, xoxoxo Barb

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