Gorgeous Book Sets: Beautiful Bound and Hardcover Books I’m Lusting For

Gorgeous Book Sets: Beautiful Bound and Hardcover Books I’m Lusting For

Beautiful Books to Tempt and Delight


It’s no secret that I love a gorgeous book, and a whole set? Fits of ecstasy. As I was searching for a gorgeous pink library of Jane Austen’s work, I came across a whole slew of tempting and delightful sets that just beg to be shared.

No More Boring Books!


Gone are the days of boring linen and leather-bound tomes, now you can decorate your bookshelf to match your interior color scheme if you like!



Book Bindings in Rainbow Colors


You can find lovely sets in every shade of the rainbow… and some sets that are the shades of the rainbow!



Curated Sets of Books for Luxury Shoppers


Scroll side to side blow to see the prettiest book sets curated from luxurious shops like luxury retailer Gilt, who I never knew sold books!


Beautiful Antique Books are Timeless Treasures


Not only can you find beautifully designed sets that are brand new from the publisher, such as these eye-catching rainbow collections that are silently begging me to click them home to me, but antiques as well.

Themed and Color-Coordinated Book Sets


Gilt has curated collections of vintage and historic books in similar colors, themes, sizes or genres and packed them in ready-made collections.

Classic Tales in a Gorgeous New Binding


Many of these titles are familiar works of classic literature or favorites from childhood or school.  Collections from superstar authors like Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Eliot, and the Bronte Sisters.

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Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Other Classic Authors


You can choose a vintage set that have more or less wear, but regardless you never know what you’ll end up with as all lots will be different!


Entire Book Collections Already Curated For You


Thumbing through these gorgeous book images is like antiquing or brocante that someone else does for you – I love the idea of curated sets in whatever color you need to match your interiors!

What Do You Think?


Do you like the look of these designer and custom bound books? Would you add a set or two to your own library, or are they too outspoken for your tastes? Let me know in the comments below!

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