Starry Royal Blue Gravitanita Pumps by Christian Louboutin Sparkle in Suede

Starry Royal Blue Louboutin Gravitanita Pumps


Christian Louboutin is known for creating glamorous shoe designs that ignite the fires of the imagination and seduce with charming details.  These royal blue Gravitanita Pumps are a perfect example.  This starry style glistens with crystal embellishments clustered at the toe and stiletto tips as if pulled by a compelling gravity.  


Scroll below to see all the details on this star-studded design.  You can click any of the photos to shop this style, which is currently still available at select luxury retailers.



Starry Blue Suede Shoes


With a nod to all the bodies in the heavens, these blue suede shoes glisten with Swarovski crystals in the colors of night.   A tonal array of blue, black, white and yellow glittering circles intersperse with silver stars.  Gravitanita is a stunning design that allows you to mantle your feet in the sparkling night sky.




Pair a Little Black Number With Lavish Heels


A beautiful statement shoe like the Gravitanita by Christian Louboutin pairs perfectly with a little black number.  An elegant choice to add drama and sparkle to a suit, these pumps also work wonderfully with little black dresses.



Stunning black dresses from Needle & Thread glitter with every movement and beg for a lavish shoe.  Sumptuous fabrics are embroidered with fantastical floral creations and whimsical designs pair beautifully with the statement enchantment of the Louboutin Gravitanita heels.





Royal Blue Louboutin Suede Stilettos


Christian Louboutin designed these delicious stilettos with a sharp pointed toe and towering heels that combine to elongate and slim the legs and derriere.  Craftsmanship and a knowledge of the female figure combine to create a shoe that is coveted for its functionality and beauty. 

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All Louboutins feature a signiture red sole.  These make the heels distinctive, trendy, and enviably recognizable at a glance.  Other fashionistas the world over adore the red-bottomed shoes, so the Gravitanita is sure to turn heads and draw compliments.  These make the perfect evening and event shoe, or just a beautiful collection showpiece.  I forecast this Louboutin style is destined to become a classic.




What Do You Think?


What do you think of these gorgeous royal blue Louboutin heels?  If you could choose, would you prefer a more classic shoe, or do you love the trend of sparkles and embellishment?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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