Sprinkle of Glitter’s Louise Pentland Delighted to Announce She is Expecting a Second Baby Glitter

Sprinkle of Glitter’s Louise Pentland Delighted to Announce She is Expecting a Second Baby Glitter

Louise Pentland Announces Pregnancy on Sprinkle of Glitter


Author and Youtube sensation Louise Pentland has just published a video delightedly announcing she is expecting her second child.  In the surprise pregnancy annoucement video titled ‘My New Baby!!’ Louise poses with her upcoming novel ‘Wilde Like Me’.  Viewers are led to believe the video is related to her debut novel’s release, however after a moment Louise pulls a sonogram image from between the pages and nervously shares her secret with the world.


Watch Louise’s Surprise Baby Reveal Below


With her signature chatty style and good humor, Louise delivered the news to her fans and admirers via her YouTube channel.  You can watch the full video below to get a sense of the author’s excitement and jubilation.



Blessed With a New Love and a New Baby


When Louise Pentland divorced her husband and the father of her daughter, she thought her romantic life might be at an end.  Years of being a single mother and unsuccessful dating attempts left the Sprinkle of Chatter host convinced she would never find a partner again.  Then, a man named Liam came into her life.  The pair met through online dating, and became inseparable and blissfully happy, even discussing the possibility of a summer baby.


Fate intervened however, and blessed Liam and Louise with a surprise baby that already had a head start on their summer plans!  Louise claimed she had a moment of revelation like something ‘out of a movie’, and rushed off to test.  The test was positive, and weeks of joyful secrecy began.  Louise keeps a video diary (vlog) of her life, and so hiding her bump from the camera was proving tricky.

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“I have been so desperate to tell you for so long, but I wanted to wait,” she exclaimed in the video.  On her blog, sprinkleofglitter.com, Louise penned a post about her journey and a few thoughts she left out of the video, along with an image of her positive tests.



The beauty guru is “between 11 and 12 weeks pregnant,” meaning that the baby will arrive in early January 2018, and she and her boyfriend Liam are thrilled.   


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