Glitter Booty Trend Gives You a Flawless Instagram Model Butt: Why and How to Try the Look!

Glitter Booty Trend Gives You a Flawless Instagram Model Butt: Why and How to Try the Look!

The New Glitter Booty Trend


There is a fabulous new trend taking the internet by storm, and it involves glitter, Instagram, and the booty.  


This trifecta of viral delight combined recently after a collective of festival artists released photos of the Glitter Booty phenomenon, also known as the mermaid tail, bootay bottom glitter, and butt sparkles.  Launched into fame by recent articles in Cosmopolitan and many other fashion outlets, expect to see derriere sparkles everywhere this summer.  



Khloe Kardashian Did the Glitter Butt Trend


The past few season metallic and gold temporary tattoos have been everywhere, and it’s time for something new.  The trend of glittering your butt for a festival or to accent swimwear has been around for a while, though not with such viral coverage. Khloe Kardashian showed off a sparkle booty shot back in 2015 as part of a revenge shoot, and it’s stunning.  Sparkle booty paint is not for the faint of heart- but if you’re already showing it off, why not glitter it up?



Why not 🌝 #DiscoBooty ⚡️⚡️ @ndrixon @thegypsyshrine ✨✨

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Created by the Gypsy Shrine Artists


The latest iteration of the trend is attributed to artist Mia Kennington, part of The Gypsy Shrine, a collective of globe-travelling glitter lovers.  The group creates festival and body art and sells a range of glitters and jewels.  



Originators of the Glitter Boob Fashion Statement


Previously the Gypsy Shrine gained celebrity for the Glitter Boob trend, which is when bare breasts are generously encrusted with glitter and large jewels in lieu of a top.  They create lots of fun body art and make-up looks, so if glam beauty and extreme sparkles are your thing, or you’re into mermaid and unicorn fashion, go check them out.



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How the Glitter Booty Trend Started


The Glitter Booty arose when the Gypsy Shrine artists and models were doing a bikini photo shoot in the desert, butts covered in sand.  Photos of sand-covered bottoms are notoriously popular on Instagram, one must note.  The idea then set in to enhance the aesthetic of sand.   Glitter was on hand, and the rest is history.  



Sparkle on the Beach with Your Booty


The trend is gorgeous and resonates both with the glam fashion crowd and the free spirited festival crowd.  It is a daring look, but you must keep in mind that festival clothing in general is more like beach wear than anything else.  Would you balk at wearing glitter to the beach with your bikini?  



This sparkling derriere trend translates wonderfully to pool and beach events, not just festivals.  Take your sexy summer look all the way to the top with a sprinkle of gold glitter across your buns!  Metallics are very flattering to darker and tanned skin tones, and show off your summer color to glorious effect.



How To Glitter Your Butt


The originators of the trend used a layer of hair gel to affix the glitter to their posteriors.  Alternatively, they do sell body glues in a variety of formulas, and Elmer’s glue is non-toxic and for short-term applications will do just fine.  If you’re stuck, you could use a glue stick, corn syrup, or paint to hold the glitter on your skin.  


With the popularity of the glitter skin trend at Coachella and other festivals, you can now easily find body glitter kits at most beauty retailers.



Don’t Be Shy With the Glitter


Once your bottom is sticky, you can use your fingers or a fluffy brush to apply the glitter.  You can also glue on beads, sequins, jewels, and crystals to enhance the magical unicorn or mermaid look, or just make your butt really sparkle.  They recommend spraying with hairspray, fixative, or makeup sealant to hold the glitter on better once you’ve finished.

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Sparkle Booty Helpful Hints:  


  • For the Pros, this was at least a two-person job.  
  • Use chunky, larger glitter for that dimensional sparkle effect instead of just a shimmer.  
  • Try body paint under the glitter for colored effect!



Dare to Bare Your Booty, But Not


If you could go out in a pair of yoga pants with the word ‘Juicy’ written in sparkles across your derriere, you’ve got enough moxy to try this trend.  Just think of the layer of body paint, glue, or hair gel as a pair of leggings.  The glitter and sparkles on top are decorative elements through which roving eyes can only partially glance your nude bottom.  It’s just like wearing tights.  



Playboy magazine creator Hugh Hefner frequently entertains guests at parties where half of the female attendees are clothed only in paint and glitter, and no one bats an eyelash.  If the ladies of Beverly Hills can be so bold to bare it all beneath paint, surely the lower half of your bum can be no concern at all.  



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Say something about Monday and some booty idk have a peachy day kiddos ✨🍑✨ #theTalesOfMissPennyLaneAndLadyGoodman

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A Modern Chastity Belt 


One might even compare a glitter-encrusted booty to a chastity belt… both are metallic, shiny, and offer a protection of modesty!  Certainly the glitter booty trend has sparkled a furor of critque, for being too immodest, not feminist, exploitative, vulgar, or pornographic.  These criticisms are nothing more than a modern chastity belt of opinion spewn by insecure and generally awful human beings.  




Feminism Is About Freedom & Choice


However, in a modern and feminist twist on the sadistic chastity belts of old, the glitter trend is about freedom.  Embrace your body, your love of beauty and the limitless bliss of an existence where your fashion choices are motivated by what you find beautiful, not what you find flawed in yourself.  



A Trend That Keeps Returning


Glitter body art has been around for a long time, even if it’s just now trending due to attention from magazines and fashion news outlets.  Searching the internet you can find plenty of glittering booty inspiration.  Don’t let anyone dim your sparkle, if you love the trend, embracing it is the height of fashion and feminism.



Glitter Hides Dimples, Cellulite & Flaws


If you’re going to venture into the realm of the Belfie, or butt selfie, it might as well be with sparkle.  Glitter isn’t just gorgeous though, it’s also functional.  Much like a thick legging, the layer of glitter hides the flaws in the surface of your skin and smooths it out like a layer of frosting.  



Glitter Gives the Illusion of Flawless Skin


Glitter also reflects light in many directions, causing a shifting pattern of illusion making the size and shape vague.  It also catches the eye, draws focus, and distracts from everything else,  including how big you think your bottom looks.  



Visit the Gypsy Shrine for More Glitter Glam


If you love the look and want to learn more about the Gypsy Shrine, their festival art, and their glitter lifestyle, check out their website.  They have a gallery of looks and a shop where you can buy the exact booty glittery they use in their photographs!



What Do You Think?


What are your thoughts on the sparkle booty trend?  Would you ever glitter up your bottom, for the camera or otherwise?  Would go so far as to post a glitter booty selfie, or maybe send a snap to a special someone?  Tell me in the comments below!


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