Self-Tanning to Death: Glam Life Guru, Tati Westbrook, Mixes ALL TEN of her Self-Tanners Together!

Self-Tanning to Death: Glam Life Guru, Tati Westbrook, Mixes ALL TEN of her Self-Tanners Together!

GlamLifeGuru Tati Westbrook Mixes ALL her Self-Tanners


The latest trend in the beauty scene is the ‘mix all your products together’ video, and Tati Westbrook has just joined the game.  It can be hard to up the ante when it comes to Beauty Guru videos on YouTube, but the GlamLifeGuru is not one to shy from a challenge.


Previously completing the ‘mix all your highlighters together’ challenge, Tati was up for something more extreme, something with a little bit more DRAMA.  What could be more potentially disastrous – and therefore great video content – than a bad mix of self-tanning lotion?  


Tati Westbrook is a cosmetics and skincare guru who recently dropped her own line of vitamins under the new brand Halo Beauty.  She’s a prolific video creator and is one of the most popular modern beauty gurus, with 4 million subscribers on YouTube alone.


When Tati recently completed the highlighter mixing challenge, she found that the resulting product was amazing.  She loved her Frankenstein-highlight so much, she claimed it was better than any of the individual ones on their own.  This time, she wanted to try something a little more… dangerous, something that would probably go wrong.  Plus, while there are tons of ‘mix your makeup together’ challenges, no one has yet mixed self-tanners together on camera!


Video of Tati Westbrook Self-Tanning Disaster


Without further ado, here are the magical results, click below to full screen and watch Tati’s legs transform from pale and pasty to… well, you’ll have to watch to find out!


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All in all, I really enjoyed this video and Tati’s flair for the dramatic.  I can always trust her to pull out all the stops to produce top quality content, and also do things that answer my questions about beauty products.  While the GlamLifeGuru usually talks about super expensive or luxury products, it’s always fun to see her more playful side in videos like this, where she laughs about smearing ‘diarrhea’ all over her legs.


Now I Need To Buy TEN Self-Tanners


After watching this video and seeing the results, and hearing Tati Westbrook gush over how amazing her sunless tan came out… I kind of want to buy all ten tanners and mix them together myself!  I thought it was funny that she was upset that the mixed highlighter came out gorgeous, and then the mixed self-tanners ALSO came out looking incredible.  I’m at least tempted to try a few of them, especially since summer is just around the corner and my skin is as pale as snow.



If you’re curious, don’t worry, I have a list of all the products for you and where available, a link to buy right now.  You could even copy Tati’s video and try all 10 if you were really daring, but I think mixing two or three together is probably sufficient.  If you use any of these or can recommend which are your favorite sunless tanning product, leave a comment please because a self-tanner comparison post is in my future!


Ten Highly Recommended Self-Tanners from Tati Westbrook


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Here is the full list of products used in Tati’s video so you can try the sunless tanning phenomenon for yourself.  All of these products are from Tati’s personal collection which means they are GlamLifeGuru approved and you can buy with confidence that they are used by one of the world’s top beauty experts.


  1. Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner  ($39.95)
  2. Versaspa Gradual Tanning Spa Butter ($40.00)
  3. Design Skin DS Faux Natural Sunless ($49.00)
  4. Million Dollar Tan Mermaid Mousse ($42.00)
  5. St Tropez Self Tan Express ($44.00)
  6. Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tan ($54.00)
  7. Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse ($59.99)
  8. Maui Babe Sunless Tanner ($14.50)
  9. Mystic Tan Mocha Kissed Bronzer Lotion ($35.00)
  10. Karora Express Bronzing Mousse ($40.00)


What Do You Think?


Did you enjoy seeing Tati’s self-tanner challenge, and how do you think it compares to the other makeup mixing challenges that are going around now?  Do you use self-tanner or do you prefer a more natural look?  Would you ever be crazy enough to mix a bunch together and try the challenge yourself?  Tell me your thoughts and let’s chat in the comments below!

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