George Clooney’s Mother Let It Slip, Whoops! Amal is Expecting A BOY AND A GIRL – Grandmother Reveals Gender of Clooney Twins By Accident!

George Clooney’s Mother Let It Slip, Whoops!  Amal is Expecting A BOY AND A GIRL – Grandmother Reveals Gender of Clooney Twins By Accident!

George Clooney’s excited mother, just days after the news that the actor was expecting twins with his humans rights lawyer wife Amal Clooney, confirmed to that the two-time Oscar winner and his wife Amal are expecting a boy and a girl. The gender reveal comes on the heels of the announcement that the couple, aged 55 and 39, are pregnant and expecting twin babies in June – the first children for both.



The Clooney grandparents came out publicly with their joy, and let the secret of the twins’ sex slip. “It will be one of each! Yes, a boy and a girl. That’s what I’ve been told,” Nina Clooney, 77, told Radar, “How marvelous! My husband and I are extremely excited.”



One secret still remains in mystery, however. “I haven’t been told their names,” Nina Clooney, who lives in Augusta, Kentucky, added. “That is George and Amal’s department.”



RadarOnline was first to reveal that the Clooney clan is expanding, and Matt Damon weighed in on how he felt George and Amal would be as parents, and told a funny story about how George revealed the pregnancy to his old friend on a film set.



News of Amal Clooney’s pregnancy was revealed a week before on The Talk.  Actor Matt Damon, according to his own account, was one of the first people outside of the family that George told.  Two two actors have been long time friends and share a close bond.



“She’s spectacular. They’re gonna be- those kids are really lucky,” Matt Damon gushed on NBC’s Today show last week, when news broke of the power couple’s pregnancy, directly on the heels of the announcement of music legend Beyonce’s pregnancy, also with twins.

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You can get Amal’s shimmering and glistening Red Carpet makeup style at home with simple products like the glittery shades from Stila recently reviewed by the Glam Life Guru.  Go for heavy black eyeliner, luxurious heavy lashes and mascara, and bright sparkling eye shadow and highlights.

Matt Damon continued to expound upon the virtues of his dear friend George Clooney, “He’ll be great [as a dad]. He’s just, you know, he’s so smart, he’s so loving. He’s gonna be great.”



Amal is due to give birth in June, George’s mom confirmed.  The couple have not commented on their upcoming arrivals to date.



George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin in September 2014, introducing the prominent lawyer to his parents a year before the magnificent wedding. The couple were instantly given the family’s blessing and Amal was welcomed with open arms by the Clooney clan.



“We couldn’t be happier,” grandmother Nina Clooney told Radar at the time of the marriage. “On an intellectual level, they are equals. That is very important to him. Amal’s world couldn’t be more different from the Hollywood lifestyle. They also share a sense of fun, a sense of humor and they are both very caring people.”




Below  you can see  George and Amal Clooney enjoying a late afternoon walk near their house in Sonning, England.  The newly expectant couple took a stroll with Amal’s brother Samer Alamuddin.



George Clooney turned out in traditional British style, appearing quite the country gentleman while sporting a tweed hat, cable knit sweater, and warm scarf.  Amal glowed in the January cold, perhaps in delight a that the couple would soon be announcing her first pregnancy, which turned out to be boy-girl twins.

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The fashion world is decidedly excited that the stylish Amal Clooney will soon have not one, but two genders to dress.  Her style is impeccable and often graces the pages of glossy magazines.



Amal is known in the fashion world for her eclectic personal style and daring fashion sense.  Her svelte, slender frame lends itself beautifully to designer garments and she is often seen sporting dazzling jewels alongside fabulous gowns.



Alternatively, she is stunning in casual wear, appearing often in laid-back clothing while at home in the English countryside, or in professional luxury suits in her role as a human rights lawyer.



What do you think of the surprise gender reveal by grandmother Clooney?  Should she have waited for George and Amal to speak out, or are you glad the media has any details at all?  Tell us how you feel in the comments below!


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