$2.5 MILLION Dollars Raised for Make-A-Wish by Fel Kitten in World of Warcraft – WOW!

$2.5 MILLION Dollars Raised for Make-A-Wish by Fel Kitten in World of Warcraft – WOW!


More than $2.5 million was raised for the Make-A-Wish foundation by one very cute little kitten named Mischief.  This kitten is special, and can melt the heart of the most evil orc, even though she is infected with dark magic called the fel and cursed for eternity.  Mischief, an in-game pet created in World of Warcraft and a plush toy of the adorable fel-kitten, were sold for charity throughout December by Blizzard and caught on like wildfire.


Subscribers to the massively multi-player online game donated over two and a half million dollars with the in-game purchase and stuffed toy proceeds.  All sales from those items benefited Make-A-Wish, which grants wishes to children battling life-threatening illnesses.  These wishes are often the last life experience for kids who have battled diseases and conditions their entire life; they elevate entire communities, provide the family and friends with incredible memories that last their entire lifetimes, and make kid’s dreams come true.




The mission of the Make-A-Wish foundation is simple and moving, “We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.”  Children can wish for anything they want, from meeting their dream celebrity, to taking their entire family to Disney World, to having their ashes launched into space – and Make-A-Wish makes their wish come true with the help of a massive network of volunteers, celebrity sponsors, and donations.


Blizzard, the parent company and creators of World of Warcraft, have long been invested into philanthropy and especially the Make-A-Wish cause.  It’s a partnership that’s easy to understand, Blizzard deals in dreams and caters to a young audience, much like Disney, and some of its tens of millions of customers have been affected by the tragedy of a child’s life ending too soon.

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The gaming giant Blizzard decided to make a difference, and stepped up to the plate with a yearly promotion that brings out the best in its players and the gaming community as a whole.  World of Warcraft launched the Fel Kitten Make-A-Wish promotion with the following slogan and accompanying heart-warming video, “This holiday season, warm your hearth with a fuzzy little ball of fel fire. Meet Mischief, a curious kitten who followed the Burning Legion into Azeroth and is now looking for an Order Hall to call home.”



The gaming giant, whose paying subscriber base has numbered in the tens of millions announced the charity promotion during the holiday season. “This new World of Warcraft® in-game pet is up for adoption now in the in-game Shop and the Battle.net Shop, with a plush companion available in the Gear Store—and for a limited time, when you purchase either one, you’ll be helping a great cause in the process,” stated Blizzard at the time.


Blizzard explained that all purchases made in December 2016 went towards charity, “when you adopt the in-game version of Mischief, 100% of the purchase price ($10 in the US; pricing varies by region) will be donated to Make-A-Wish, helping give wish kids across the globe strength and courage as they fight their illnesses.”  After December 31st the fel kitten is still available to purchase, however, all of the proceeds go to Blizzard and not to charity.



The Make-A-Wish pet in World of Warcraft has become a yearly tradition for Blizzard.  The massive game developer raises money for the foundation, and gives its players fun content and a way to participate in philanthropy and give back to their wider community.   In 2014, the first year World of Warcraft ran the the charity pet event, the promotion raised $1 million for kids battling serious and terminal illness.  Pets in World of Warcraft are cosmetic additions to the gaming experience and do not unbalance the dynamics of the game.  They are avatars that follow your character around without participating in combat, and have features such as the ability to battle other pets and perform cute actions.

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Mischief, the little fel-kitten, is certainly the cutest addition to World of Warcraft in recent memory, and yet the most powerful.  After all, $2.5 million dollars is going to grant a lot of wishes to a lot of incredibly brave children who deserve it, and what great power is there than that?  Please consider a donation of time or money to the Make-A-Wish foundation, and let us know in the comments what you think about Blizzard’s charity work.

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