Beauty Blogger XiaXue Challenges Phone Makeup App! Who Creates The Most Glamorous Instagram Selfies?

Beauty Blogger XiaXue Challenges Phone Makeup App!  Who Creates The Most Glamorous Instagram Selfies?

XiaXue Challenges the Hottest New Make-Up App


The most famous beauty blogger in Singapore and one of the most notorious bloggers in Asia-Pacific in general is the peerless Xiaxue.  With her controversial comedic wit and brutally honest personality, you either love her or hate her, but she is the undisputed queen of selfies and virtual makeup.


In a video just released on YouTube, Xiaxue challenges a virtual reality make-up application called PITU to battle.  The task is simple: who can create a more flawless face for a glam Instagram selfie.  You can watch the challenge in the video player below, and see for yourself whether man or machine wins the battle of the selfie!



Outspoken and Controversial, but Glamorous


Xiaxue garnered international attention for her glamorous and flamboyant lifestyle, which she chronicled through an outspoken personal blog, along with her multiple plastic surgeries and extensive use of Photoshop and other image altering methods.  The result is a brand that is part down to earth best friend, part startlet, and part magical cartoon character all rolled into one indomitable pastel-haired dynamo.



In this YouTube video, the famed beauty guru posed the questions, “Can a computer beat a human when it comes to makeup?? Which final look would you send to a crush?”


Xiaxue then proceeded to challenge the PITU beauty cosmetics app to see who could do her makeup the best for a selfie.   She began with a bare face with no cosmetic products at all, and took a selfie for the application to use as a base.  Then, as she clicked through various options to add flawless foundation, sultry eyes, pink lipstick, and more, she copied the style on her face using real cosmetics!

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If you head over to the YouTube video by clicking on it, you can cast your vote for whether PITU app or the human called Xiaxue won this tight competition!  Leave a reply in her comments of a robot emoji for the app, or a queen emoji for Xiaxue’s makeup skills!




Foundation: YSL Forever Light Creator CC Creme in rose
Concealer: KVD Lock it Concealer Creme/Too faced Born this way concealer
Powder: YSL Compact
Contour n highlight: NYX beauty school dropout Alumni palette
Nose contour: Highlight Palette
Brows: Loreal brow stylist in Blonde
Contacts: Maxim lens in sapphire blue
Double eyelid: 3M
Blush: NYX Beauty school dropout Alumni Palette
Eyeshadow: NYX Palette
Eyeliner / Mascara: Urban Decay Perversion / Dolly Wink
Lashes top: Drama Bugis Village
Lashes bottom: Dolly wink
Lipstick: Lime Crime Velvetine in Utopia




What Do You Think?


Do you think Xiaxue or the PITU app won the flawless makeup competition?  What are your favorite makeup and beauty apps, and would you try this one? Tell me in the comments below!

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