Unique Mother’s Day Gift Idea: A Fairy Flower Gardenmakes Elegant & Whimsical Gift That Won’t Wither Like a Bouquet

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Idea: A Fairy Flower Gardenmakes Elegant & Whimsical Gift That Won’t Wither Like a Bouquet

Flower Fairy Garden Blooms for Spring


A Fairy flower garden, here with a perfect little bubble perched on some white petals.  Enchanted little blooms all arranged in special little pots, hand selected in her favorite colors and styles.  


What could be a more perfect gift for a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, or for any woman who loves flowers?  Sweet potted plants that can be kept indoors or planted outside in the garden make a delightful gift. 



Start a Garden with a Flowery Spring Gift


I can’t wait to start growing the garden again every year in the spring.  The snow here keeps falling, but I always think ‘maybe in a few weeks it will be melted and thawed enough for seeds.’  We are always redesigning the landscaping and trying new varieties here.   This means lots and lots of new flowers, and I’m not the only one looking forward to planting season.  However, having a tiny fairy garden is easier to manage and can be done in the conservatory.


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Mother’s Day is traditionally a time for getting pretty little plantings for the yard and I think they make a wonderful gift for all the ladies in your life, mothers or otherwise.  Party gifts, hostess presents, shower or housewarming gift… a beautiful living plant is always an elegant and thoughtful choice.  Even more whimsical is a tiny fairy garden you arrange out of species of miniature flowers and tiny-leafed plants.


Beautiful Birthday Flowers That Don’t Fade


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When you invest in a good plant from a reputable nursery, you are purchasing flowers that won’t just last for a few days or a week.  You are giving a living organism that, if cared for, will thrive and grow.  This brings joy and delight for week after week, month after month, and season after season in some cases.  Buying a small tree or shrubbery can be a beautiful way to mark a special birthday.  


Imagine the delight years later when walking outside you can point out all the special days and occasions behind the species in your garden.  My family and my husband’s family both practice this tradition, and can trace trees back for generations in some places.  I still visit the tree that my parents planted on their marriage, and my grandmother has a garden of rosebushes each planted on a special day that she can tell you the whole story of.


Gift Her Houseplants for Happiness


If your loved one doesn’t have a green thumb or a large outdoor space, consider a fairy garden of houseplants for the same effect indoors.  There are many beautiful varieties to choose from, and you can even have them hand delivered, no trip to the plant nursery or garden center required.  You can even order varieties online, and have them shipped safely to anywhere in the world.  


I personally love getting a bouquet of flowers from a friend or loved one, but I’m even more tickled when someone takes the extra care to send a potted plant.  It is a little way to say I love you that lasts longer.  The gesture of a living plant symbolizes you want their joy to stretch onward, and not simply wither away like a drying bouquet.  

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What Do You Think?


Are you looking forward to starting your garden for the year?  Do you love pretty flowers in the yard, or prefer them cut in a vase?  What fun things are you planning to get for Mother’s Day this year?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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