Expecting Twins, Beyoncé Reveals Stunning Full Maternity Art Photography Exhibition

Expecting Twins, Beyoncé Reveals Stunning Full Maternity Art Photography Exhibition

Beyoncé has taken the maternity photo shoot to another level with fairy tale enchantment and symbolic nods to the fertility beliefs of many cultures.  After stunning and delighting the internet with her surprise pregnancy announcement yesterday in the form of a single artful portrait, today the musician released an entire exhibition on the same theme.  Expecting twins, Beyoncé and the rest of her family revealed a stunning visual project entitled ‘I Have Three Hearts’ that epitomizes the uses of new media by incorporating poetry, videography, traditional portraiture, underwater photography, and interactive user experience all intertwined as shareable social media.



The project is a beautiful and arresting creation of love that the Carter family has been moved to share with the world on the happy occasion of Beyoncé’s second pregnancy.  Los Angeles and New York City-based multimedia artist Awol Erizku was the visual creative force behind the project, and Somali-British poet Warsan Shire crafted the words of the poem that accompanied the album.



In addition to sharing the intimate and visually arresting images of her current pregnancy, Beyonce’s maternity album also includes throw back pictures to her first pregnancy.  Stills and flickering video reels display quiet, special, emotionally-rich moments between Blue Ivy, the first daughter of Jay Z Carter and Beyonce Knowles.



Romantic images of the couple’s courtship also feature in the stunning multimedia album which celebrates fertility and the goddess-like process of rebirth and regeneration.  Snaps from each year are shown of the couple, and later the family of three.   The photographs are intimate and personal, and show moments of relaxation and genuine self.

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The entire visual materntiy album extravaganza can be found on Beyonce.com – the website of the musician and home to many of her audio visual projects.


In addition to showing up as a baby, Blue Ivy also figures prominently in the current maternity shoot.  She is seen standing for her own portrait holding flowers, and also handing flowers to her expectant mother.  It is clear that the beauty of creation and the celebration of the mysteries of womanhood are comfortable, familiar ideas in the Carter household.



Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement comes as a surprise, not least because the musician has a demanding schedule still in place, including an appearance at the Cochella Music Festival in April.











In order to channel Beyonce’s stunning maternity shoot style, select bold and jaw-dropping gowns with natural elements and couture design.  The themes you should strive to incorporate are ‘once in a lifetime’ as well as ‘goddess glamour’ and the Garden of Eden.  Here are a few suggestions for a haute couture maternity portrait outfit to recreate Beyonce’s Paradise of Fertility in your own portrait session.



Do you love Beyonce’s maternity announcement and multimedia album?  Would you create something so elaborate for your own pregnancy, if money were no object?  Comment below and tell us what your thoughts are!