Emme Chatterton Complained About My Lavish Lifestyle, So I Gave Her Office Photo A Luxury Make-Over

Emme Chatterton Complained About My Lavish Lifestyle, So I Gave Her Office Photo A Luxury Make-Over

My Boss Complained About My Lavish Lifestyle


It isn’t anything new, really.  Jealousy, rearing it’s ugly head in the workplace.  


“People throw rocks at things that shine,” as my girl Taylor Swift famously sang.  It’s true, and it can even come from your boss!  Especially if they are a workaholic without any specific summer plans like the rest of us.  


My specific summer plan was to sit on a beach from afternoon until dinner, eat a delicious dinner, and then party until the morning sun called me to a delicious breakfast.  Every day.  It didn’t even have to be the same beach every day. I had a whole series of different beaches picked out.  


So, when my boss at Paper Duchesses came to me with a list of demands a mile long for June and July, I was appalled.  I explained to her, in detail, my specific summer plan.  I even told her all the different beaches I planned to visit, starting in California, going down the coast to Mexico, exploring the islands, doing a little eco-tourism in Costa Rica and just generally making my way down to Brazil where I have a friend I planned to spend August with.


You know what my boss did?  She rolled her eyes, and complained that my lifestyle was ‘too lavish’ and judgementally handed me the same list of demands she had tried to hand me before.  I was so appalled I couldn’t even defend myself.   So, later I decided that something had to be done.  If there’s one thing I know, it’s that everyone loves a luxurious, glamorous make-over!

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Editors at Paper Duchesses are Extra


I am so deeply proud to unveil the glamorous new staff portrait for Paper Duchesses Editor Emme Chatterton.  Go ahead, if you want to applaud I’ll wait.



We’ve all been waiting patiently for Rosalind to finish pretty illustrations of everyone, but I think we can wait no more for this little number.  Leave a comment if you think she should go purple!


I Gave My Boss a Glamorous Make-Over!


‘Alright Lacey, but what is so glamorous about this portrait?’  Well, dear reader, let me explain!  


First, we FaceTuned all those deadlines right off her face.  Then we gave her some glam purple waves because black, like working while on a beach holiday, is boring… sorry.  


You know what’s also boring?  Having to meet quotas while on summer vacation.  If we could transport my boss somewhere exotic, relaxing, beautiful… that would really kick the make-over up a notch.


Emme Chatterton at Sunset In Monaco on a Unicorn


So… we set her in Monaco, overlooking the ocean, at sunset, riding a unicorn.  The unicorn is out of frame though because my attention span is actually not that long.  


Here’s hoping that this glamazon portrait will keep our fearless leader busy long enough for your girl to get a real tan.  Leave some love in the comments, I promise I’m coming back soon!


With Love From Lacey, STILL ON VACATION



What Do You Think?


Do you have a boss who is cramping your summer style, or otherwise making your life miserable?  Or, are you happily enjoying a holiday break somewhere fabulous?  Tell me all about it in the comments and cheer me up!

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