A Blog of Snow and Sleet: Emme Chatterton’s Interminably Long Winter in Maine

A Blog of Snow and Sleet: Emme Chatterton’s Interminably Long Winter in Maine

A Blog Of Snow and Sleet and Endless Winter


Emme Chatterton here with a blog that’s long overdue about a topic that haunts me: winter in Maine.  Sounds broody and romantic, perfect for authors and Instagram.  In fact, it’s as miserable as Stephen King makes it out to be, and I now feel a deep connection to his doomed characters. 


I’ve been a virtual hermit during the last few months and today I’m going to tell you all about it.  More happily I’m also discussing where Paper Duchesses is going this year.  



It’s halfway through April and outside the patter of hailstones beat doggedly against the window panes.  The ground below is glistening with a coating of snowy sleet and ice.  Did I mention that it’s halfway through April?


I’ve been relegated to the frozen tundra of Maine, if you’re joining us for the first time.  Maine is where Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote lives, how bad can it be?  Cabot Cove always looks charming and delightful, especially in the spring with pretty flowers and tidy candy-colored houses.  Sunsets are magical and linger in the sky long enough for plots to be cunningly tied up.



No.  Something has gone terribly wrong.  It’s been seven months of winter… and not the prissy kind of winter either.  Massive storms dumped two feet of snow at a time, ice storms broke off roads and they floated out to sea, and the ‘cyclone bomb’ was a thing.


After all of that glorious rage of Mother Nature, one could be forgiven for assuming that winter would give way to spring eventually, exhausted by it’s replete ravishment of the coast and countryside.  Alas, Maine’s reserves of snow are eternal, and unable to suffer exhaustion.


For example, remember the first day of Spring?  Of course you do, you were probably in a sun dress or shorts, frolicking around wildflower meadows with fresh lambs.  Or, if you are an Instagrammer, you were apparently at the beach with a gorgeous sun tan like every single other person I follow.  That’s nice, I’m happy for you.

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Spring in Maine is for Snow and Sleet


Let me show you what I was doing on the first day of spring:



You probably can’t see my tears in this video, but like the flooding coastal waters that swept trucks and houses out to sea, they were salty. 


I would take a sleet video for you, but I’m too emotionally exhausted from all of this.  Send thoughts of sunshine.


Paper Duchesses Journal Spring Cleaning


On the positive side, all this doom and gloom is great for getting work done.  We’ve been updating the entire backend of Paper Duchesses and you will hopefully notice some improvements such as quicker load times, better navigation, more accessibility in addition to an upcoming facelift.  Even Lacey is doing a massive spring cleaning of our old articles and fashion guides.


I’ve also been really pleased with the social media management and executive services side of Paper Duchesses and we will soon have more information on this and helpful articles for influencers, bloggers, business owners, and content creators.  We want to be a resource to help anyone achieve social media success or influence, in addition to being an insightful and titillating source on everything relating to the industry.  



We’re always looking out for new and interesting talent all across the spectrum, and have some great guest posts planned and hopefully will be able to court some new feature writers.  I would love to partner with more blogs and brands in regular collaboration arrangements like we have now with the Grum Mum and Rosalind & Aurora, and we will do that a lot more when we move into social media management for other talent.


Building up creators, consumers, and influencers while promoting philanthropy and humanitarian causes is the root mission of Paper Duchesses.  While we can do that well as a publication, we can do that even better as an agency or collective which provides mutual benefit to all it’s members. 

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Most social media management services are conducted for-profit and for the benefit of few.  We are going to operate for the benefit of all, and put the power and knowledge back into the hands of creators and individuals.  Keep your eyes on this space if you want to be part of the social future of media!


Stay tuned, and if you didn’t know, you can sign up to have the Paper Duchesses Morning Edition delivered to your email.  It includes the entire full text of the latest articles so you don’t even have to visit the website to enjoy what’s happening in the lifestyles of the socially famous.


Instagram is for Sunny Days and Memories


If you’re following me on Instagram, I’m sorry.  You’ve probably already forgotten who I am, I haven’t posted since January.  I was so excited when Stories came out, and then I decided to go into hibernation instead.  



Stories might actually be to blame for my lack of Insta-interest.  It got very exhausting trying to keep up with all 666 of my friend’s daily lives, especially because most were exciting and beautiful and taking place in tropical climates.   



I’m still on this tropical island thing, it’s probably going to destroy me. I just can’t pass by a picture of pristine blue waters and not get sucked into a staring contest with my life decisions. Why am I here, where it is cold and the sun is so distant that my skin has taken on the flush of Gollum? 🌄🌅 Why do I not live on a boat, in the middle of a balmy sea? Writer of destiny, indeed. I’m thinking of starting a book on yachting so I can spend my days doing important research into tanlines and coconut cocktails, screw the state of the human condition. 🏖✌ What dreams are fuelling your winter days? . #dreamer #bluesea #boatlife #caribbeansea #yachtlife #boating #islandgirl #wanderfolk #exploretocreate #createcommune #createexplore #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #authorsofinstagram #research #pursuepretty #exploretheglobe #adventurevisuals #igmasters #finditliveit #ig_exquisite #ig_world #worldshotz #letsgosomewhere #thecreatorclass #darlingescapes #entrepreneurlife #luxurytravel #jetset #jetsetter

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I will be starting to post more again, now that I’ve accepted that summer is a state of mind and not a state of reality.  Follow me on Instagram by clicking any of these images and then you won’t miss my upcoming barrage of posts!  I also post stories of food, makeup, and my face wearing adorable snapchat masks.




What Do You Think?


What’s the weather like where you live right now, and does it influence your moods?  Have you noticed a better design experience on Paper Duchesses today?  Are you excited for social media education and services from Paper Duchesses?  Chat with me down in the comments below!


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